Spark is a complex of three buildings that has been designed to meet the needs of all users - employees, but also local residents and people with disabilities.

  • Spark-Warszawa-kompleks
  • Spark-Warszawa-wieża
  • Spark-Warszawa-patio
  • Spark-Warszawa-patio 2
  • Spark-Warszawa-widok od ul
  • Spark-Warszawa-widok od ul

About project

To ensure the well-being of those, who will visit Spark on a daily basis, we have invited Na Miejscu and Project for Public Spaces foundations, specializing in a friendly urban space planning, to cooperate in the design process. Furthermore, Spark will be the first office project to be recognized with “Object with no boundaries” certificate approved for buildings adjusted to the needs of disabled people.
This project will give Serek Wolski a metropolitan character, providing high-quality public space and classic, elegant architecture. It will stand out with a publicly available square, open fresh-air working areas and an amphitheater


The complex is growing at the crossroads of important streets— Towarowa and Aleja Solidarności, what provides both excellent access by car and easy access to public transportation: buses and trams.

Considering the proximity of bus stops and the Rondo Daszyńskiego metro station (10 minutes walk), Spark will be very well supported by public transport.

Last updated: 9/12/2017

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