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    Safety organization

    Safety in Skanska is a line management responsibility which has to ensure that they have adequate resources, organization, policy and procedures in place to meet the commitments of the safety policy and to monitor and report progress.

    To achieve this Skanska has put in place the following organizational structure:

    Senior Executive Team:

    Ultimate responsibility for safety in Skanska lies with the Skanska Senior Executive Team (SET). Skanska’s President appoints a member of the SET to take the lead in safety issues and the Group Staff Unit Safety reports to the SET EVP.

    Business unit management team:

    Every business unit management team is responsible for ensuring that it has in place adequate safety resources, organization, systems and reporting.

    Global Safety Leadership Team:

    This is a cross-functional team lead by the EVP responsible for safety and comprises of senior representatives including the Skanska President, senior business unit managers and specialist support functions (Human Resources, Communications and Safety). The purpose of the group is to oversee the development and implementation of the global safety strategy.

    National Safety Leadership teams:

    These are business unit based cross-functional teams with the responsibility to oversee the safety performance of the business unit.

    Safety Performance Network (SPN):

    The Safety Performance Network (SPN) is the expert group of leading safety specialists from all Skanska business units. It is the specialist advisor to SET and the Global Safety Leadership Team. It meets twice yearly but forms a network of contacts that interact regularly through regional cluster groups, topic groups or joint or other learning/sharing opportunities.

    Members of the SPN are also facilitators for the Safety Discussions Forums.