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Skanska in Poland
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    Technical Units

    Skanska S.A. Oddział Exbud Skanska w Kielcach is a technical branch of Skanska S.A. It was founded as a result of  a merger between Skanska S.A. and Exbud Skanska S.A. and continues business operations of Exbud Skanska S.A., formerly Exbud. It is registered in the National Court Register.

    Within the organizatorial framework of Skanska S.A. Oddział Exbud Skanska w Kielcach operates a steel construction production plant (Wytwórnia Konstrukcji Stalowych) in Kielce. It specializes in designing, manufacturing and assembly of steel constructions for Skanska S.A. and for external contractors. The plant is equipped with modern machinery stock and has its own design office.

    To business activities of Skanska S.A. Oddział Exbud Skanska w Kielcach also belongs a transnational provision of technical services in EU area, especially in Germany. It has got the branch office in Cologne responsible for administrative support of activities in Germany.