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    Building Information Modeling (BIM)

    Building Information Modeling (BIM) is transforming the design and construction industry. BIM enables improved communication amongst project stakeholders, while enhancing efficiency, quality, scheduling, cost control and risk analysis. It is used by Skanska in the planning and execution of buildings, roads, bridges, etc.

    The emergence of BIM-related technologies is transforming the design and construction industry and continues to reshape how projects are delivered.  Skanska has implemented BIM on many types of projects (for example, buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels and industrial plants) and has realized a variety of benefits, including improved communication amongst project stakeholders, enhanced efficiencies, greater certainty for both schedule and cost conformance and the reduction of risk. Skanska recognizes that BIM affords us the opportunity to deliver a higher quality product in the most efficient manner to our clients.

    BIM enables more collaborative process

    One consequence of BIM is the creation of an atmosphere where clients, designers, material producers and construction companies can work together with the goal of achieving the best possible solution. BIM is not just a technological solution; it helps enable new ways of working together in a more collaborative and informed process.

    Positive impact in all project phases

    BIM is capable of positively impacting all the phases of a project: design, construction planning, construction and finally facility management. The design can be easily understood and reviewed to help guarantee its accuracy and completeness.  Alternatives can be visualized and evaluated in terms of cost and other project parameters. Sustainability analyses can be performed and different kinds of quantity calculations of spaces and materials can be performed.  Finally, the models can represent the completed project and be integrated with all of the operation and maintenance material required of the project and delivered to the owners as part of their facility management strategy.

    BIM used by Skanska to improve overall delivery

    BIM is a major component of our future in the design and construction industry.  At Skanska, we have readily embraced this dynamic tool, always striving to improve our overall delivery process. Skanska brings you the combined experience of our operations from around the world, committed to achieving our clients goals with the most creative and efficient means.