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    How we manage

    How we manage Our Environmental Policy is converted to day-to-day practice through an Environmental Management System (EMS) certified to ISO 14001 in Skanska AB and individual Business Units worldwide since 2000.

    Policy and Strategy

    Skanska has been proactively managing its environmental impacts since the mid-1990s.  Our first Environmental Policy was published in 1998.  This was revised in 2007 and continues to shape our approach to environmental responsibility today.

    Environmental Strategy 2011-2015 is integrated into our 5-year business plan. It sits alongside our Green Business plan since our credibility as a provider of Green projects to our customers depends on first having our own house in order.  Strategy 2011-2015 builds on a strategy first put in place for 2008-2010.


    In Skanska, line management is responsible for environmental performance and related systems such as ISO 14001. 

    Each Business Unit has an environmental team sized and skilled to meet the needs of the business. This team provides advice and professional support so that line management can deliver legal compliance, corporate expectations that go beyond legislation and retention of ISO 14001 certification.

    At corporate level, a team of environmental specialists led by a Senior Vice President provides advice to the Senior Executive Team (SET).  The Senior Vice President reports to a member of the SET.

    Since 2006 the most senior Environmental Managers (Skanska Environmental Performance Network – EPN) of each Business Unit meet twice a year with the corporate environment team to review progress and plan the next steps in strategy implementation.  Since 2010 this network has been given “Expert Group” status by SET with the following remit

    • Principle advisor to SET on environmental management strategy
    • Flag up new and emerging international trends that require a Group-wide response
    • Be the network within Skanska that facilitates sharing of knowledge and best practice
    • Empower people to influence change in their Business Units
    • Improve leadership and competence in the function and line

    Management systems

    All Skanska Business Units have been certified to ISO 14001 since 2000 – an industry first. Newly acquired or newly established businesses have two years in which obtain ISO 14001.

    Skanska AB is also certified to ISO 14001.

    Since 1 January 2005 these Environmental Management Systems (EMS) have received a total of thirteen Major Non Conformance (MNC) citations from external auditors during routine recertification processes. Of these, only one related to a direct impact on the environment – invalid use of demolition waste on a highway project due to expired permit - subsequently corrected.

    All the other MNCs relate to deficiencies in the EMS that were rectified and signed off by the external auditors. To put this in context, since 1 January 2005 Skanska has executed approximately 70,000 projects in its Home Markets while operating under these EMS.

    Of the fourteen BUs that make up Skanska today, eight have received no MNC citations since January 2005 and two have had none since 1999 and 1995 respectively.

    Seven of the eight MNCs in 2006 relate to two BUs that were undergoing business restructuring at the time.

    Measuring progress

    For Business Plan 2011-2015 a set of seven “Green Strategic Indicators” (GSI) were agreed by the Senior Executive Team as a means of monitoring progress on an annual basis.  In addition, a more extensive “Information Hierarchy” is used to complete internal and external reporting and sharing of best practices.