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Skanska in Poland
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    Iwona Hutyra

    Worked in Skanska Finland in Helsinki in an international procurement team. In Skanska since 2000, currently working as a Procurement Coordinator in Nordic Procurement Unit. Husband’s name – Marcin, son’s – Wojtuś. Hobby: work and downhill skiing.

    Our Finnish colleagues have no experience in international procurement. My task was to teach them, how to do it. I set myself a goal to finalize at least one international procurement deal and I made it! We bought steel pile constructions for Crusellin bridge project in Helsinki. Thanks to that, purchase the project was able to save 20 thousand Euros.

    I didn’t experience any cultural differences. Probably because in Poland my boss is Swedish. Finns are very calm, organized and outdistanced. You have to know them better for them to open. Time flows slowly in Finland. There is no crowd and no queues. You can meet mostly tourists in Helsinki, where only 500 thousand citizens live. I have one additional nice memory – Finns have a sauna and a gym in the office – employees can use them before and after work.