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Skanska in Poland
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    Michał Czubkowski

    Worked in Skanska USA Civil on a highway project near San Diego. In Skanska since 2000, currently Team Manager on the A1 highway project. Hobby: outdoor activities, mountain biking.

    I knew that I will get to know a different working culture, multinational environment, new technologies and different approach towards project and environmental management.

    Work in the States is dissimilar to what I have known, work force is more expensive. Usage of large construction machines is a regular thing. I have also experienced larger amount of traffic, while working in traffic conditions.

    Employees are very engaged in their work. One will stay longer at work if he needs to do something properly and does not complain, because of that. American people are also very courteous. Conflicts in teams are a rare thing. Calmness and smile are constantly present in everyday work. There are now “road workers” and “bridge workers” divisions – they work as a team. They help each other and set ambitious goals. There are more levels of management in the US, which allows employees to think their tasks through and do them with no rush.