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Skanska in Poland
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    Our values

    Skanska is a modern company which follows traditional values. Those values and our mindset are reflected in our Code of Conduct. The rules laid down there provide for both personal development and efficient work.

    The values that are important for us include honesty, openness, mutual respect and smile. We work professionally and reliably. Out tasks are performed with full commitment and all the  skills we have. By working in this manner, we satisfy our clients and ourselves.

    We want our actions to be transparent and legible to the market, both internally and externally. We have an 'open door' policy. That allows us to contact our co-workers and managers whenever  necessary.

    With the satisfaction and joy  from what we do we are creative and open-minded. We both accept and create new ideas and solutions.

    To learn more, please see our Skanska Code of Conduct.