Skanska in Poland
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    Angelika Bednarska is a football referee after working hours. She is a Site Engineer, working in Hydroengineering Construction Branch in Cracow.

    Football is my passion. I was raised on a football field, because my father is a player of „Cracovia” team. Becoming a referee was a natural choice for me. I had to complete a referee course and pass theoretical and physical (the so called Cooper test) exams. After all that one has to get onto the field and is usually verified by…life. A lot of my colleagues dropped that job, because was unable to cope with that confrontation.

    While working, I am a very friendly person, but of course there are some crisis situations when I had to react strongly. After some time my colleagues usually understand that I play fair while being on the field and that I demand the same at work. Nonetheless, usually at the beginning of our cooperation, I have to “blow the whistle” sometimes, “show a yellow card” and threaten that I “have a red card ready in my pocket”. Then they know I am serious.