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Skanska in Poland

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Skanska in Poland
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    Since 1998 he is climbing peaks from the Crown of Europe lists. He works as a Laboratory Manager in Hydroengineering Construction Branch in Cracow.

    I was introduced to mountain trekking by my friend. When in 1997 we were in Janosik’s village – Terchova, he came up with an idea to climb the highest peaks of all of the European countries. Since then, every year, we are achieving another peak from the Crown of Europe list.

    From the left Mirosław Sadowski

    Good companion during a trip is essential. I hike on my own only in Beskidy. The team should have the same physical condition and characters. There is nothing worse than walking with tempo, which is not your own. Also, when you are in the mountains, there has to be someone, who makes decisions. Of course, it is possible to discuss, but key decision are made by the captain. You have to know people that are in your team and you have to trust them.

    I began with Austrian Grossglocknera in 1998 (3798 m), a year later I climbed Zugspitze in Germany (2963 m) and Gerlach in Slovakia. In 2000 I went to Norway, where I went to the top of Galdghøpiggen (2469 m) and to Sweden, where I ascend Kebnekaise (2114 m). Then, I traveled to Ukraine and Romania. In 2005 I topped - Dufforspitze (Switzerland, 4634 m) and Mont Blanc (4807 m). In 2006 - Kekes in Hungary (it is below 2000 m but I climbed it nonetheless). This year I am going to Iceland to climb Hvannadasknukur (2119 m).