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    Photography passionate, one of the winners of a contest organized by “National Geographic”, a well-known, worldwide magazine. On an everyday basis, he works as a Specialist for Integrated Management systems in Road and Bridge Construction Branch in Gdańsk.

    Information about the competition appeared in the summer on billboards and TV ads. At first I haven’t thought of taking part in it, because I wasn’t sure, whether I had a picture good enough for a contest organized by such a prestigious magazine. However, while I was browsing my family pictures I discovered one, that I found good and sent it. I felt the scale of my success, when on a gala in National Theatre in Warsaw, I heard that around 50 thousand photos were submitted.

    How did you make the photo, which won the “National Geographic “ contest in “Nature” category?
    Magda, my older daughter went for a trip to Egypt, where she dived a lot. After she got back, she has made a family gathering, where she has shown us pictures from the trip. At some point we had an idea to dress her in a diver’s suit. Magda agreed and wore the suit. I made a picture of her standing in the suit, surrounded by her family. It is a bit surreal and a bit funny.