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Skanska in Poland
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    Participant of Skanska Summer Trainee Program in 2007. Internship Program in Skanska Road and Bridge Construction Branch in Warsaw.

    Anna TryfonI chose Internship program in Skanska, because I wanted to build with the best and Skanska is well known from good reputation on the construction market. The fact, that this company attaches significance to team work, counts on people and invests in their development was very important to me. Skanska guarantees a wide range of trainings and courses, supports in acquiring building authorization and enables exchange of experience on an international level. It’s a company that creates exceptional opportunities for young people. If you think about your professional career seriously, Skanska is the company made especially for you and the Internship Program is the first step in the right direction.

    I served my Internship mainly in laboratory. However, the most pleasant moment for me was when the assignment mentor took me to the construction site, where I could participate in various stages of different works. It was an exceptional experience for me, maybe because of the fact that at my university I dealt mostly with theory. Skanska met my expectations in 100%. After a 3-month Internship I received a job offer.