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    Within one hour to the seaside

    On 14th October 2011 we opened a further 62 km of A1 'amber motorway', Amber One. Sixty five minutes suffice to cover 152 km from Rusocin near Gdańsk to Czerniewice near Toruń. The Skanska-NDI consortium completed the motorway in 27 months, anticipating the contract date by a year.

    A1 motorwayAlthough preliminary work involving back-up facilities and haul roads from Nowe Marzy near Grudziądz to Czerniewice for stage II had commenced a few months earlier, structural work started at full speed in July 2009. As part of stage II of the contract, we carried out 10m cubic metres of earthwork, manufactured 300,000 cubic metres of concrete and placed 1.3m tonnes of bituminous mixtures. In peak times of work, as many as 4,500 workers, including 1,100 direct Skanska-NDI employees, worked at the site during three consecutive construction seasons.

    Constructing the Pomerania section of A1 motorway has been one of the major road projects in Europe and the only one in Poland to involve the construction of two huge bridges over the Vistula river. One of them, with a height of 1954 metres, has beaten the record for the longest bridge in Poland. Some 500 machines and 500 transport vehicles were used when the investment project was implemented. With modern technologies, including digital terrain model machines (DTM), we managed to achieve a millimetre accuracy of the investment project.

    Implementing a large project means an opportunity to gather in one spot a team of highly specialized professional staff with diverse experiences, from various parts of the country, who can share their knowledge. It opens huge possibilities for the implementation, said Piotr Janiszewski, Project Director, Skanska-NDI.

    The A1 construction site stretches for several dozen kilometres, giving rise to immense challenges concerning the collaboration with its immediate surroundings, inhabitants and local governments, added Piotr Janiszewski.

    A motorway cannot be built without introducing detours, using local roads or trespassing private properties. A dialogue with people in the immediate neighbourhood of a construction site is of utmost importance for such large infrastructure projects.

    Through the model collaboration with the general contractor, any problems to occur throughout the project would be immediately analyzed and, if possible, solved. A significant operational efficiency, organizational skills, as well as reliability and model collaboration make Skanska-NDI a recommendable contractor. An excellent contact with highly qualified employees proved to be the key to our successful collaboration, said Andrzej Stanuch, Mayor of Pelplin and Head of the Association of Pomeranian Communes for the Construction of A1 Motorway, whose statutory objective is for the communes to collaborate at the construction of A1 motorway and to prevent adverse effects of the construction.

    Two stages of one motorway

    In 2006, Skanska-NDI commenced the construction of the Amber One motorway for Gdańsk Transport Company, the Licensee. Since 2008, drivers have been able to use Stage I of the investment project, that is a 90 km motorway from Rusocin to Nowe Marzy. On 14th October of this year, a further 62 km were commissioned. It has 152 km in total. Both stages involved the following extent of work: 33m cubic metres of earthwork, manufacturing 434,000 cubic metres of concrete and manufacturing 2,900 cubic metres of bituminous mixtures. The construction contract for the Pomeranian section of A1 motorway amounted to EUR1.25bn in total.