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Green solutions

Atrium 1, just like all the other commercial facilities of Skanska, will be awarded with the renowned LEED and GreenBuilding certificate.

Pioneering solutions applied in the building will minimize its impact on the environment and significantly reduce the cost of its operation.

Atrium 1_sala konferencyjna

Environmentaly friendly solutions used in Atrium 1, that will support well-being of its users, include:

  • innovative system of geothermal cooling and heating, which uses temperatures differences between ground and outdoor air
  • double facade with external blinds, which protects building from overheating by the sun’s rays  
  • use of tripled – glazed windows allowing to reduce heat loss in winter
  • photovoltaic panels harvesting solar energy for electricity production
  • purchase of electricity from renewable sources
  • modern air conditioning system based on cooling beams
  • energy saving lighting system (LED lighting and motion sensors in common areas)