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About the project

Green Towers over 23 000 sqm of energy efficient office space that will help your business perform to its full potential.

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An office is not just a workspace, but a place where people spend the most of their waking hours. So it is critical to provide conditions that will provide for employees' comfort, and also foster creativity and innovation.
The office space in the Green Towers complex was designed with effective arrangement primarily in mind. It can be easily divided into zones that are either teamwork-focused, or alternatively suit individual work. Both office spaces , and the distinctive leisure areas, have excellent natural daylight. The expanded vertical circulation paths in the central part of the building, and a two-storey car park, are amenities that will be appreciated by employees and clients alike. 

Green Towers short facts:

  • a complex of two buildings offering approximately 22,000 sqm of lettable office space 
  • a circulation path system with five lifts and two staircases 
  • two-storey underground car park offering 325 parking spaces and 32 above-ground parking spaces

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Green solutions in Green Towers:

  • adiabatic air humidifiers
  • efficient air-condition based on fan-coils
  • Free-cooling - use of cool air from outside to lower temperature inside offices
  • use of regional materials
  • parking space for bicycles
  • use of warm air from offices to heat the garage
Address Wrocław, ul. Strzegomska 36

Phase 1: Q1 2012

Phase 2: 2012/2013

Total space to lease

Phase 1: 10 000 sq. m

Phase 2: 11 800 sq. m

Typical floor space 1145 sq. m

Contact: Magdalena Holak, Leasing Business Development Manager/ Menadżer ds. Rozwoju Wynajmu
Telephone: +48 51 026 3033.
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