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    Skanska Customer Care Program

    For us, signing up a lease agreement is not just a moment, it’s a part of the process. From the very beginning our dedicated team is listening to your needs and supporting you during all the phases of premises preparation, handover and post-delivery to provide maximum comfort at all stages.

    The dynamic situation on the office property market made tenants considerably raise their expectations towards developers. Meeting their needs has become more of a challenge now. Therefore, Skanska Property Poland developed the Skanska Customer Care program and established the position of Regional Asset Coordinator, commonly referred to as RAC. RAC’s job is to cooperate with tenants after they sign lease contracts and even after they move into new offices, supporting them to a much greater extent than it is common on the market. 

    What is a RAC responsible for at Skanska Property Poland?

    RACs mainly support tenants after lease contracts are concluded, playing an important role in the process of preparation and handing over the office space to tenants. They liaise with the property manager and project manager, responsible for the construction work and fit-out of the office building. Together they make sure that the finishing work on tenants’ office space is carried out according to previous arrangements. RAC fulfills the role of an intermediary between the tenant and other parties involved in the process. He or she also coordinates the introduction of modifications to final projects, which occurs quite frequently. The developer, taking a flexible approach and showing understanding to clients’ needs, tries to incorporate the recommended changes as much as possible. RAC is also the person responsible for preparing all the documentation necessary in the handover process and takes an active part in it.