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    Green Corner

    Green Corner

    Green Corner is modern and energy efficient office building located at Chłodna street in the emerging business district of Warsaw with excellent access to public transportation. Green Corner is LEED Platinum precertified and designed in line with the idea of sustainable development. It offers the highest comfort for its tenants and an energy efficient workspace. The offices are easy to arrange and optimally exposed to daylight, providing convenient conditions to work effectively. The building was designed by Biuro Projektowe MW Projekt.

    Metropolis of the 21st century

    Warsaw belongs to the most urbanised and industrialised areas of Europe.It is not only the biggest city in Poland but also a worldwide important centre of economic, political and scientific life. Warsaw, a city of culture, fashion and a unique approach, enjoys the same lively rhythm and fast pace as other leading European capitals.

    Warsaw has the largest population and the largest city area in Poland. It is home to a majority of central administrative units of the government,  ministries and diplomatic services. Warsaw’s Śródmieście is known to be one of the most important business centres in Europe.
    Warsaw is located at the crossroads of the routes from the east to the west and from the north to the south of the continent. Warsaw Chopin Airport provides a number of convenient connections with most large European and world cities. Well-developed system of public transport will soon be enriched by further development of the second line of the city underground. Warsaw is also an important cultural centre with numerous theatres, museums and art galleries. The historic centre of Warsaw is listed in the Unesco World Heritage site.

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