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Skanska in Poland
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    Green Horizon, 33000 Sqm

    ul. Pomorska 106, 90-233 Lodz

    Infosys Green Horizon - the highest standard of office building in Łódź

    Extremely effective office building offers great location and visibility from anywhere in the Solidarności roundabout. Green Horizon is the only Class A building with LEED Gold certificate in Łódź that has been completed in 2012. Energy efficient lighting and air conditioning systems, together with smart use of cool air from the outside to lower temperature in the offices, lead to significant reduced use of energy. Services for the building’s renowned tenants include parking spaces for bicycles, as well as showers with changing rooms.

    Available office units:

    Building B:

    • 230 sqm (1st floor)
    • 196 sqm (5th floor)

    Available retail units:


    • 207 sqm
    • 116 sqm
    • 245 sqm
    • 200 sqm
    • 214 sqm




    Quality of internal environment

    • Increased ventilation of fresh air to improve well-being and effectiveness of users of the building
    • Daylight and views – the building was designed in a way allowing maximum access to daylight and views outside for at least 75% of the designed area.
    • Zone thermal control system in open-space areas and, locally, in closed rooms.
    • Monitoring of fresh air provided from outside
    • Finishing materials with low content of volatile organic compounds.
    • Bicycle park with 137 parking places (70 parking places underground and 67 parking places above ground), shower cabins and locker rooms for cyclists


    water usage reduction

    Use of rain water for irrigation purposes and water-saving fixtures resulted in reduced water usage by nearly 1/3. Annually, in the whole building 8 450 000 liters of water is saved – enough fill three Olimpic swimming pools.

    waste recycled

    Materials used while constructing Green Horizon were extracted and produced locally, which had also a positive impact on local economy. Wooden elements and products based on wood used in the building come from certified cultivation (FSC).

    Łódź – city in motion

    Łódź is said to be permanently in motion. This vibrant city is constantly going forward, developing and changing. Fuelled by the energy of young creative people, it is becoming one of the country’s most dynamic centres of economic, scientific and cultural importance.

    Łódź is Poland’s third largest city, with the third largest population, after Warsaw and Kraków.For decades it was the centre of the Polish textile industry which was the driving force behind its growth. Today, the buildings which once housed factories and warehouses are being transformed into modern offi ces, galleries, film studios and lofts. This combination of business and culture attracts companies from Poland and all around the world and many enterprises choose Łódź as the place for their headquarters. The city has one more important asset, namely its location. It lies in the very centre of Poland and at the intersection of communication routes from the west to the east and from the north to the south of Europe. Moreover, it takes less than two hours to reach central Warsaw from Łódź by train and with the soon to be finished motorway you will be able to reach the German border after approximately three and a half hour. Łódź Reymont Airport offers convenient connections with the main European cities as well as with other parts of the world,  similarly as the not so distant Chopin Airport in Warsaw.Transport within Łódź is also easy as the city provides a well-developed network of tram and bus lines. The city is an important cultural centre, with numerous cinemas, theatres, concert halls and the best fi lm school in Poland.

    The carefully selected location of Green Horizon enables employees the comfortable use of the city transport (8 bus lines, 2 tram lines), getting to work by bicycle (the building will be equipped with bicycle stands and showers installed in the common area, (on level -1)); it will also be possible to commute in alternative ways, e.g. drive a low-emission car (parking places especially marked for such vehicles) or an electrical car (6 charging stations).

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