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Skanska in Poland

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Skanska in Poland
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    Silesia Business Park, 48000 Sqm

    ul. Chorzowska 152, 40-101 Katowice

    Offices which support the exchange of idea, creativity and openness.

    The complex of four class A office buildings with a two-storey car park is located just off the main thoroughfare of the city - Chorzowska street. Located in the vicinity of the popular shopping center enhances the attractiveness of the location.

    Skanska office buildings are simply well designed. Tri-color stripes decorating the facades of office buildings form an elegant composition in the space of the city. Silesia Business Park buildings are equipped with modern technology to provide comfort to people, and at the same time reduce operating costs while at the same time take care of the environment.


    Available space:

    • Building B - 2 122 sqm
    • Building C - 10 634 sqm


     Energy is saved in Silesia Business Park building A in comparison to conventional office buildings


     Drinking water is saved with Skanska solutions

    Silesia Business Park forms a  space conductive to relationship and to business. It is an innovative, creative location virant with life.

    • attractive location near to the city center
    • good communication
    • proximity of a large shopping mall
    • service points within the complex of buildings

    In Silesia Business Park you will find what you need.

    •  inspirationally designed interiors
    • plenty of natural daylight
    • clean air at a pleasant temperature
    • special area designed for silent work
    • space for relaxation, coffee and casual conversation

    New opportunities in Katowice

    Katowice, the capital of the vibrant urban area known as the Upper Silesia Agglomeration, is one of the most highly urbanized and industrialized areas in Central and Eastern Europe. Superb location and the city economic, administrative and intellectual potential are the key strategic advantages of Katowice.

    The City of Katowice is at the intersection of international communication routes, principally the A4 and A1 motorways. The fourteen cities belonging to the Upper Silesia Agglomeration are connected by a dense network of public transportation and rail communications, while two nearby international airports – ”Katowice-Pyrzowice” to the North, and ”Kraków-Balice” to the East – provide excellent connections to the largest European cities. Both air terminals, located just outside of Katowice, are connected to the city by motorways and expressways. Six European capitals are located within a 600-kilometre radius of Katowice – Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Warsaw.

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