Skanska in Poland
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    Public Private Partnership

    Skanska is a world leader in Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), delivering real benefits around the world to the users of roads, hospitals, schools and power plants. We are active in Nordic countries, UK and Americas.

    Public Private Partnership (PPP) is taking hold in many parts of the world where the need for infrastructure outstrips available public sector finance. By investing in the companies set up to deliver these facilities, Skanska provides the finance and expertise for development, design, construction, operations. and maintenace.

    In Poland, Skanska is at the heart of a major PPP that is developing the Autostrada A1, or European Road E75, one of Europe’s largest road projects. Read more about the A1.

    Our approach adds value over the lives of Public Private Partnerships, from identifying and financing development opportunities to creating and managing groups of service providers that deliver and operate the facilities.