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Skanska in Poland

Here you will find our current offer, information about our company and job offers.

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Skanska in Poland
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    Scope of services

    We provide technical services in EU, especially in Germany. We execute orders in the field of manufacturing and assembly of:

    • parts for automotive industry
    • parts for machine building industry
    • pressure tanks
    • telescopic cranes
    • safes
    • prefabricated elements for civil engineering and construction

    Orders are executed on our account and under our direction on the contractor’s premises under a contract concluded with our business partner. Our employees are professionally skilled and highly experienced engineers, technicians, welders, locksmiths, mechanics, painters, fitters, concrete workers, which guarantees that orders are accomplished properly and on time.

    Our offer includes in particular:

    • Production of  pipes for automotive industry

    Production of  pipes with the full range of services, including soldering, bending, chipless forming, assembly. We also construct tools and devices to manufacture pipes.

    • Metalworking services

    Production of gearboxes, processing of bodies and steel elements using conventional machines and CNC machines , construction of tools and devices for metalworking

    • Welding services

    Production of drills to bore the tunnels, structures for the wind turbines, presses, pressure tanks,  telescopic cranes, etc.

    We are working with experienced welders with required certificatesconfirming knowledge of the welding processes: 111, , 121,  131, 135, 136, 141.

    • Production of prefabricated  elements for civil engineering and construction

    We produce walls, balconies, stairs, supporting structures, etc. We are working with experienced reinforcing metal workers, who are also operators of specialized machines and equipment,  planishers, concrete workers and carpenters.