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Every company, regardless of its size, deserves the best in class space and the opportunity to experience a seemless and perfectly arranged workspace in a professional environment.



Our flexible office spaces, located in five of the fastest growing cities in the region, respond to the needs of demanding professionals for whom service and work quality are the most important.
This is possible thanks to offices located in city centres, flexible lease conditions, the comprehensive support of our teams, cooperation with business leaders and an openness to market needs.

Flexible lease conditions

In order to meet the requirements of the modern entrepreneur, we offer rental conditions that will make planning your company’s operational budget even easier. Conscious of the role flexibility plays in the current market, we give you the choice between an indefinite term contract with a one-month notice period or a fixed-term contract.

The comprehensive support of our teams

We make sure that your work is always trouble-free. This is possible thanks to the most numerous customer service teams on the market, which constitute the operational backbone of your project. Thanks to Business Link you will experience an additional employee who will help you organize a meeting, receive your guests, take care of correspondence or help with the printer.

Always in the city centre

You will always find a Business Link in the city centre, because we know the importance of efficient transport links for employees and being in the centre of the most rapidly changing part of the city.

Superior design

Business Link offices are created in cooperation with the best architectural studios, located in the most modern buildings created in the spirit of ecological awareness and ergonomics. The spaces are characterized by painstaking attention to detail, communicate prestige and are created with functionality in mind.

Our locations

Business Link Astoria is the newest of our investments in Warsaw. It is located in the immediate city center with the most important business points and travel links in sight. Having the most numerous customer service on the market, it allows you to focus on what is most important - regaining time for your business. The interiors of Astoria have been made in harmony between usability and prestige, which our clients and their teams of professionals have communicated to us. The aesthetic inspiration for our office was an exclusive New York hotel lobby.

Business Link High5ive is a modern office located in the heart of the city which allows you to conveniently and effectively manage your time thanks to its excellent transport links. With the most customer service staff in the industry, LEED certification, a bright and green workspace utilising natural materials and filled with plants as well as Clients representing leading trends in business are all elements that make up the prestige of a space perfectly suited to you and your company.

Business Link Maraton is the latest Business Link location in Poznań. Built in the central part of the city, it provides quick access to business, transport and culture in the city. Like every office, the Business Link Marathon guarantees the highest standard of customer service resulting from a large and experienced team of people whose goal is to make your work even simpler. The office building is LEED certified, and the interior of the Marathon is characterized by the strength of simplicity and quality through a combination of precious materials and earth colors.

Business Link Green2Day is our latest Wrocław office, located in an intensely changing - and at the same time the oldest - part of the city. Providing excellent transport links, an extensive customer service team, painstakingly finished interiors, usability and a functional workspace were the essence of the whole project, so that Business Link Green2Day responds to the fundamental challenges of doing business.

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