Generation Park

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The place connecting people

Generation Park is a complex of three office buildings, located at the Daszyński Roundabout in Warsaw. We named the buildings with symbols X, Y, Z, referring to successive generations.

We create the place, the bridge between Old and New. Explore space that draws its energy directly from the potential of many generations of Warsaw inhabitants. 

Warsaw Wola

Thanks to the excellent location of Generation Park, you can easily get to work by public transport.

Bus lines: 105, 109, 155, 171, 178, 190, 255

Tram lines: 1, 9, 11, 22, 24

Directly at the complex is the Rondo Daszyńskiego metro station.

Generation Park X, Y, Z

Working place, meeting place

We build places supporting open minds.  The allow for a breath of fresh air and let look ahead, not only during business meetings.

Access to fresh air and daylight promote creativity and wellbeing.

Green concrete

We are constantly looking for innovative solutions aimed at improving the quality of the environment in a place where you are staying every day. This is why Generation Park has created a concrete pavement that will clean the air from smog. The concrete which is used for this purpose has photocatalytic properties. Thanks to solar rays, there is a reduction of harmful compounds from car exhausts (eg nitrogen dioxide). These compounds are broken down into harmless substances and then discharged into the soil together with rainwater.

Project partners are Skanska Property Poland, Górażdże Cement SA and scientific institutes: Institute of Geophysics PAN, Faculty of Civil Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology and Faculty of Geology at The University of Warsaw.

We create a space to work

Timeless architecture

Our aesthetics comes from Scandinavian roots which is reflected in simple and natural solutions as well as in passion for practicality and modern style. We care to create inspiring and pleasant atmosphere of our interiors.

We value long-term relationships

and direct contact with people for whom we build. We want tenants, employees and residents of Wola to find their favorite space here. Generation Park is an offer of restaurants, cafes and services  which allow to rest in greenery.

We give new life to places where hidden potential lies. We build for and with the participation of local communities. We ask, listen, explain. We develop the urban space with the functions most expected by the residents of the district.

We invite you inside

The space of the Generation Park X building is already successfully used by employees. See what the building and its interior look like.


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