Green concrete

We are building a green point on the smoke map of Warsaw.

Your health and well-being in the workplace is very important to us. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions aimed at improving the quality of the environment in a place where you are staying every day. Therefore, the concrete pavement was created at Generation Park, which will purify the air pollution. The concrete used has photocatalytic properties. Thanks to solar rays, there is a reduction of harmful compounds from car exhausts (eg nitrogen dioxide) harmful to humans. These compounds are broken down into harmless and then discharged into the soil together with rainwater.

In this area you will breathe, fresher and cleaner air when going for a walk or to a cafe or an office.


The measurements carried out proved that due to the technology used, the concentration of nitrogen dioxide was lower by 30% compared to the normal surface section. According to forecasts, when compact buildings are built at the Daszyński Roundabout, green concrete will achieve even better results in the fight against Warsaw's smoke. In laboratory conditions, they reached up to 70%. Soon, an air quality measurement station will be built at Generation Park, which will monitor the level of pollution in the area on a regular basis.


Project partners at Skanska Property Poland and Górażdże Cement SA and scientific institutions: Institute of Geophysics PAN, Faculty of Civil Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology and Faculty of Geology, University of Warsaw.

Last updated: 3/12/2019