Eko-Viikki Residential Area

  • Residential building in Eko-Viikki
  • Residential building in Eko-Viikki

Viikki city district is only a 20-minute drive away from downtown Helsinki, yet close to nature. The fields at Viikki have been cultivated since the Middle Ages, and today, the seashore reed beds are favored by bird enthusiasts. Viikki has been developed into a modern science and residential district Eko-Viikki (Eko stemming from the word ecological), where protecting the environment has been taken into account in many ways.

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Construction in line with the sustainable development principle has been used in all the residential buildings at Viikki in some form. The most notable project has been a group of block of flats comprising almost 400 apartments where solar power heating is used. Skanska's projects, As Oy Helsingin Keltavuokko, As Oy Helsingin Auringonkukka and As Oy Helsingin Valkoapila as well as a rental apartment building at Norkkokuja 3 and 4 built for VVO form the housing entity.

So far, Skanska has constructed a total of 767 apartments in the area. 195 of them are Skanska's own residential project development.

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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