Miljonhemmet, Betesgatan

Sustainability and green

The renovation of Betesgatan will result in lower energy consumption thanks to a new ventilation system, window replacements and additional insulation. We will be lowering energy consumption from approximately 155 kWh per m2annually to 91 kWh.

The carbon dioxide load per unit generated from concrete is very low since this project involves a renovation; we have an existing structure that is being used for the renovation of the apartments.

All construction materials are evaluated with the help of the BASTA environmental database. This allows us to check whether gypsum board is a good environmental choice or if we should look for alternatives.

It is our hope that the renovation of the living environments both inside and out will result in residents looking after their area. People from different cultures and of all ages can interact in the pleasant surroundings between the buildings.  The public benefit generated is increased responsibility for the immediate environment and greater tolerance and understanding among individuals.

A lively environment between the buildings will mean increased security and safety for the residents. Less vandalism will result in lower costs. That will also help make residents feel safe and proud of their area.

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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