Juvelen, Uppsala

Our assignment

After winning a land-use competition arranged by the City of Uppsala, Skanska was assigned to construct the City’s new landmark. The City’s demands were high: distinctive architecture and sustainability. Construction is scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2015 and the inauguration is planned for late 2016.

We will be looking for tenants in 2014. The building is attracting a great deal of interest from “green” companies, as well as companies that appreciate fine lines and architectural concepts.

Collaboration led to smart solutions

Juvelen was designed by a project group comprising architects, consulting engineers, sustainability experts and sub-contractors. Anna Forsberg, the Manager of Green Business at Skanska, says:

“Collaboration with the architects at Utopia worked really well. We had very different ideas about the building at first, but after a couple of meetings and discussions, we arrived at a design that we are all really proud of. It’s a fine mix of engineering, aesthetic design and creative skill.”

Innovative architecture, but simple construction process

Juvelen’s unique appearance is created by metal cartridges that cover the façade. In combination with light strings, the building shimmers like a gemstone. The facade is not particularly complicated, but the components must be specially ordered.

Everything behind the facade is based on a conventional and simple system. Walls and floor slabs are prefabricated, which enables a fast and cost-efficient construction process.
The triangular site – the same size as the actual building – has posed a challenge. But the City has been accommodating and allowed us to lease a worksite. Steps, a plaza and bicycle parking have been planned around the outside of the building to join the different ground levels and create a welcoming and friendly outdoor space.

BIM – a vital tool

The project applies the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process. BIM enables intelligent information management and efficient construction processes. We design in 3D and the entire project will be visualized in BIM, which means that everyone can see the changes, that we can calculate material volumes and avoid disruptions throughout the construction process.

Quote by the landowner:

“We will continue to strengthen Uppsala’s labor market and promote growth by increasing the number of centrally-located office premises. Juvelen is a part of a positive trend in Uppsala and will contribute to the creation of more jobs here,” says Fredrik Ahlstedt (Moderate Party), Mayor of Uppsala. 

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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