Vivalla, Örebro, Sweden

  • A renovated Vivalla townhouse
  • Common outdoor spaces were enhanced
  • Old walls are lifted and replaced with more energy-efficient walls
  • Skanska and its partners provided work placements to 69 Vivalla residents
  • The renovated buildings have new facades and green roofs
  • Two houses were demolished to create larger common areas for neighbors to socialize
  • Vivalla's renovated homes provide good indoor environments

Social housing residents enter the labor market

The Vivalla neighborhood in Örebro was originally built as part of the miljonprogrammet (Million Program) Swedish government public housing scheme in the late 1960s. Vivalla is an area of high unemployment and other social problems.

Together with ÖrebroBostäder Skanska has changed the entire character of the neighborhood – into a safer and more positive residential environment. By the end of the project in June 2018, Skanska will have renovated over 325 apartments in Vivalla and demolished 24 apartments.

Partnering leads to better results

Partnering involves open collaboration where all actors complement and assist each other throughout the entire construction process. It also requires great commitment from all involved, but leads to better renovated and new buildings.

The approach has led to several smart working methods and technical solutions, such as a smart heat recovery ventilation system. The project also evaluated an innovative installation method for energy efficient windows – Green Windows – together with Skanska Teknik.

Resident builders

Together with ÖreboBostäder, we managed the Resident Builders project where unemployed residents in Vivalla were offered work placements. The objective of the initiative is to reduce exclusion and offer participants a way into the labor market.

By the end of the 5-year resident builder initiative in October 2017, 69 placements had been provided in total by Skanska or our subcontractors, and 33 of the participants were in employment.

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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