Partille Arena

Sustainability and green

Partille Arena is designed to be used by all the municipality’s inhabitants. The arena will be used by school, association and elite sports in the 18,700 square-meter area. In addition to training sessions and matches, this will also be the site for concerts and other cultural events. In December 2013, 500 six-year-olds turned the first sod in order to symbolize that the arena is a meeting place for everyone in Partille.

“There was rain and generally pretty bad weather, but the six-year olds were expectant and patient. I was impressed by the order and discipline surrounding the occasion. All of them stood and waited for the starting shot. When that came, they started digging so intensively that sand was thrown up everywhere.” says Jonas Jonsson, Project Manager at Skanska.

Skanska continuously focuses on a safe work environment. Jonas explains how safety programs have also resulted in other positive effects:

“The most important factor is worker safety. We don’t want any workplace accidents. But now we’re also beginning to see other positive effects of safety work. Our efforts in the areas of work preparation and risk inventory offer more efficient work methods and superior planning. So, apart from the fact people that do not get injured, they also offer a financial reward.”

The project is a green workplace, which is our proprietary environment labeling designed to reduce environmental impact during the building process. For example, we recycle at least 95 percent of waste, have fast-flow faucets and use work vehicles in an economic manner.

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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