Tenant’s Guide

Tenant’s Guide


9 Łucka Str., 00-842 Warsaw

Studio B meets certification requirements: LEED, WELL, Building without Barriers, WELL Health-Safety Rating


  • Wola district - between metro stations Rondo Daszyńskiego and Rondo ONZ (approx. 600 m)
  • Tram stop no. 10, "Norblin"
  • Bus stop no. 178, "Norblin"
  • Nearest railway stations: Warsaw Central (1.5 km), Warsaw Ochota (1 km), Warsaw Główna (1 km)

Building information:

  • Delivery date: 11.2023
  • 16,400 sqm of office space
  • 13 office floors
  • 3 underground floors
  • 85 parking spaces
  • 163 bicycle racks
  • Investor & owner: Skanska commercial development business unit in CEE

Studio B

Useful contacts

Asset Management Business Partner

Mariusz Dąbkowski 
+48 797 229 556

Property Manager

Anna Gubała
+48 604 22 30 91

Facility Technical Manager

Michał Grzybowski
+48 788 744 111

Emergency number for out-of-hours services: TBC


+48 697 442 021

Cleaning Staff

Grupa Aristo

Reception / Host

Warsaw Concierge Group

Navigating the building

The main entrance is accessible from the green patio between Studio and the Norblin Factory. Another (available from mid-2024) is located on the side of Łucka Street and is restricted by access control just like the entrance from the garage level.

Entrance to the building
Entrance to the building

Pedestrian traffic flows through a public entrance located on the ground floor. The building’s host works at the reception desk from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

External visitors
External visitors

For external visitors (e.g. guests, couriers, suppliers, tenant's services) entry is possible via QR code that is generated directly by the tenants themselves in Connected by Skanska app. The Tenant is required to register information about the guest's arrival through Connected by Skanska app. The tenant's guests will receive QR code that allows them access to designated areas in the building.

Alternatively, the Host or Security can register a potential guest, however the Tenant should provide such information at least 2 h in advance. Guests are welcomed in the lobby and their arrival is documented in the guest book. Each visitor is asked to show his/her ID, only if registered by the reception.

Access control
Access control

The entrances to the building are secured by the access control system that allows people to move around the facility with Connected by Skanska app on the phone and/or a single plastic card.

Entrance to lifts, lift lobby, saircases and tenant offices is preceded by reading the person’s entry authorisation on the access control card reader. Taking the lift to any floor requires reading the access control card on the card reader and pressing the button corresponding to the target floor.

Entry to the underground parking
Entry to the underground parking

Individuals using the parking lot enter the garage through the barrier which is located on Łucka Str. The entrance is through reading license plates by cameras placed by the barrier (the user must have access rights granted in Connected by Skanska app).

It is possible to allow external visitors into the parking area by generating QR code in the app.


are operated from Łucka Str. Vans stop in the parking bay, where a delivery zone has been arranged.

  • Large deliveries: only at night
  • Max height of cars descending into the underground garage: 2,1 m (TBC)
  • Number of cargo elevators: 1
  • Cargo elevator: max load of 2500 kg
  • Door width: 120 cm, height: 210 cm
  • Cabin width: 180 cm, height 230 cm, depth 270 cm
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Access to the car park level is subject to the building’s access control rules. Employees are given the appropriate authority in consultation with the tenant’s representative.

Tenants' guests receive the corresponding authorization by assigning them in Connected by Skanska app.

How to get to the underground parking lot?
How to get to the underground parking lot?

The exit to the parking area is through a ramp from Łucka Str.

How many parking spaces does Studio B provide?
How many parking spaces does Studio B provide?

There are 85 parking spaces available to tenants, including 4 for people with disabilities, located in 3 levels of underground parking.

Is it possible to charge electric cars in Studio B?
Is it possible to charge electric cars in Studio B?

All parking spaces are equipped to charge electric cars, including 2 fast-charging spots located on -1.

What are the rules in the underground parking?
What are the rules in the underground parking?


  • LPG-fuelled vehicles are permitted to enter (TBC).
  • The user is obliged to obey the traffic signs and other information signs posted in the car park.
  • There is a speed limit of 10 km/h.
  • The user is obliged to park the vehicle in the parking space indicated by the system. It is forbidden to park vehicles outside the designated areas, i.e. on the entrances and places designated for passing.
  • Blocking the gate, doors, emergency exits, as well as storage of any materials, fuel, tyres, furniture, etc. is strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) and consumption of beverages containing alcohol is strictly prohibited.


Bike amenities

There is an extensive bike infrastructure both inside and outside the building.

How many bike racks does Studio B offer?
How many bike racks does Studio B offer?

Studio B provides 163 bike racks.
99 racks in the bike room on -1 and 64 racks outside the building.

Where is the entrance to the bike room ?
Where is the entrance to the bike room ?

The bike room is located on -1. Enter the building from the entrance side of the parking lot at Łucka Str. Follow the signage and go to the garage elevator.

Are there any changing rooms and showers available in the building?
Are there any changing rooms and showers available in the building?

There are changing rooms in Studio B, as well as 8 showers for cyclists. Showers are located right next to the bike room on -1 and are secured by the access control system.

Do changing rooms contain lockers?
Do changing rooms contain lockers?

There are 82 lockers in the changing rooms. The lockers are opened by the code.

Can scooters or electric bikes be parked in the bike room?
Can scooters or electric bikes be parked in the bike room?

Neither scooters nor electric bikes are allowed to park in the bike room on -1. Users are required to park outside the building in designated areas, in a manner that does not restrict pedestrian traffic (TBC).

Where should I park the motorcycle?
Where should I park the motorcycle?

There are 10 parking spaces for motorcycles in the building distributed on each floor of the underground parking garage.

Facilities for people with disabilities

  • Access to the building has been adapted for people with limited mobility.
  • Threshold-free main entrance
  • Intercom at the main entrance
  • Gate of appropriate width at tripods
  • Adaptation of elevators
  • Parking spaces in the underground garage
  • Switches at an adapted height
  • Signage in Braille
  • Sign language interpreter at the reception desk (TBC)
  • Disabled toilet alarm system to signal the need for assistance
  • The lobby of the building offers a babysitter's room and public accessible toilets.

Sustainable workplace

  • Efficient air conditioning based on chilled beams
  • Ventilation system providing 30% more fresh air; constant supply of fresh air
  • Humidity level of 40-60%
  • Panel for cost-saving control of air conditioning in tenants' space
  • LED lighting and motion sensors; lighting management system; daylight control system
  • Gray water system
  • The water in Studio B has been tested and is drinkable.

Sustainable building

  • Passive technology - thermal insulation of the building, protection against the effects of climate change
  • Reduction of building materials - lower CO2 emissions
  • Anti-smog concrete pavement - innovative photocatalytic solution, neutralizing harmful nitrogen compounds in the air
  • Biodiversity - evergreen plants on the square; care without the use of hazardous chemicals
  • High-quality filters - ePM1 80% filtration class
  • Spacious elevators with UV lamps

Connected by Skanska

Self-developed office building management system that integrates innovative building technologies. It offers a mobile application for daily building users, as well as a web portal for tenant administrators and property owners.

  • Mobile access: a convenient alternative to the traditional plastic card. Provides the ability to enter the building and move around inside (e.g. opening doors, calling the elevator) using a virtual access card assigned to the user's Bluetooth® or NFC-enabled phone.
  • Parking: a smart parking system allows the user to enter the parking lot with the help of a camera that reads license plates and prompts for a designated space. For the tenant administrator, it is a tool for smart and dynamic management of parking space.
  • Virtual reception desk: tenants can send their guests a virtual invitation to a meeting, containing a custom-generated QR code for access to the building, and reserve a parking space for them. The virtual reception desk informs the sender of the invitation that the guest has arrived.
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