Commercial Development in CEE

Future-proof offices, shaped by people. Developed by Skanska.

We create buildings, initiatives, and ways of working that deliver efficiency, wellbeing and excellence for companies, employees and the planet. 

We are always striving to meet the highest standards and expectations of WELL, LEED and customer satisfaction.


ESG - we call it sustainability

At Skanska, we shape sustainable places to support healthy living beyond our lifetime. We implement climate-smart solutions at each stage of the lifecycle of the office buildings we create. We create office spaces that support the health and safety of users and visitors and contribute to the development of local communities and support their needs. In everything we do, we apply the highest ethical standards and require the same from our employees, subcontractors, and suppliers.  By taking these actions, we’re working towards achieving our own sustainability aspirations and helping our customers meet theirs. 

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Shaping sustainable places

We see a world where sustainability is simply built into living. Together with our partners, we are building for a better society, creating innovative and sustainable solutions that support living beyond our lifetime.

Reports by Skanska

By exploring our reports, you'll gain a deeper understanding of how we are working towards a more sustainable future, by taking concrete actions to reduce their environmental footprint, foster a culture of diversity and inclusion, and create value for their stakeholders. Our reports cover a wide range of topics, from ESG aspects to the future of the office, and are designed to inform and inspire stakeholders, investors, and the general public. So whether you're a sustainability enthusiast, a business leader, or a curious citizen, go and explore Skanska's reports!

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At Skanska, we understand the importance of a healthy workplace. Our commitment to sustainability and well-being extends to all aspects of our developments, including office spaces. Our leasing team is here to help you find a space that not only meets your business needs but also prioritizes the health and well-being of your employees. Get in touch with us today and let us help you create a workspace that supports a happy, healthy, and productive workforce.

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