Our values

What we do and how we do it contributes to a sustainable future for our people, customers and communities.

Our work has clear benefits for society and the environment around us. Whether we are building homes to provide inspiring places to live, roads to connect communities or multifunctional spaces that are fun to work in, everything contributes to our purpose - we build for a better society.

Care for life - Protecting people and planet

People's health, safety and well-being are our absolute priority. In situations that are physically or psychologically dangerous, we refuse to be bystanders. This also applies to the environment and climate change. We advocate sustainable solutions and work in this spirit, being responsible for the legacy we leave for future generations. We are change makers.

We act ethically and transparently - Being a role model

Each of us honours our individual responsibility to lead by example and to act with the highest degree of integrity and transparency. We encourage diverse perspectives, support a space where people can speak freely, and are guided by our Code of Conduct.

Be better together - Teaming up

Everything we do, we do better together. We listen curiously and learn to move forward as a team, sharing knowledge generously to successfully apply best practices. We promote a culture of openness, fairness, trust and respect where all people feel a sense of belonging. We innovate and deliver the best solutions by leveraging the diversity in our own teams along with the diversity of our customers, partners and local community.

Commit to customers - Having a customer-first mindset

The success of our customers is our success. We always listen carefully to them to understand their needs and the needs of their customers. Together, we look ahead to create smarter and more sustainable solutions, bring their visions to life and shape the world we live in.