We want to be a good neighbor

We want to be a good neighbor

The values we create reflect our interest in what is happening around us. We are not indifferent to the needs of people with special requirements and those facing difficulties. We also focus on communities that experience the effects of our actions every day. To work at our best, in line with our principles, we leverage our knowledge, skills, and exceptional teams, ready to go beyond their regular duties in social initiatives.

We don't create buildings; we create communities

It is important for us not only to create buildings but also communities around them. We approach each place individually, striving to integrate projects into the surrounding space and engage in a dialogue with it. We believe that our task is to understand the needs not only of the business but also of our future residents and their neighbors.

That's why we create spaces for people! In our developments, such as the Mickiewicza Estate in Warsaw and Hemma Orawska in Krakow, we have established and equipped community centers for residents to freely use.

In the Jasminowy Mokotów project, we created a publicly accessible park with a lake, which is supplied with retained water. We invited the residents of Warsaw to choose the name for this place, and they decided on Park Enklawa. This way, residents had a real impact on shaping the city space.

We also collaborate with artists who help us design the space around buildings in a way that is not only functional but also allows residents to connect with art. Thanks to collaborations, such as with Oskar Zięta, this is possible for residents and neighbors of the Holm House development, as well as for all those visiting this part of the city.

We build spaces for meetings and relaxation

We know that the best way to relax is amidst greenery and outdoors. That's why at our NU! Warsaw Wola investment, a park will be created, accessible to all residents and visitors of the area. A significant portion of the Solen Kabaty development area is dedicated to a vast playground and recreational space.

Jaśminowy Mokotów to inwestycja, w której mocno postawiono na zieleń. Zaaranżowano ją na podstawie analizy przyrodniczej i ekologicznej. Powierzchnia biologicznie czynna stanowi 55% całego terenu.

Osiedle Mickiewicza otoczone przez tereny zielone z blisko setką gatunków roślin charakterystycznych dla tutejszego ekosystemu i przyrodniczą ścieżką edukacyjną.

Przy osiedlu Park Skandynawia zbudowaliśmy ogólnodostępne boisko do koszykówki dostępne dla mieszkańców i sąsiadów inwestycji.

Employee Volunteering

We care not only about the lives and health of our employees but also about our society. Within the Skanska companies operating in Poland, we organize an annual Volunteer Week – extending a helping hand by providing assistance in schools, kindergartens, orphanages, and nursing homes. We collaborate with city authorities and enhance public spaces. We strive to choose organizations we support among our neighbors. Our goal is to engage in a dialogue with them, leveraging our knowledge and experience, for example, in the areas of fire safety, hygiene and occupational safety, or energy, heat, and water management. We provide our employees with the opportunity to contribute to initiatives that resonate with them, enabling them to fully engage and derive many benefits from their involvement.

Aid for Ukraine

When the war in Ukraine began, the majority of our volunteer efforts were directed towards aiding refugees. Our employees were granted 3 days of paid leave, allowing them to engage in volunteer activities. Additionally, we provided and adapted the Ilmet building in the center of Warsaw as temporary shelter – our employees assisted in adapting the building for residential needs (interior adjustments), assembling furniture, cleaning spaces, organizing clothing and food drives, etc. We also participated in the renovation of a Ukrainian school in Warsaw, where we conducted electrical work, painting, floor installation, and assembly of furniture and school equipment. We aimed to leverage our knowledge and experience in places that needed it, for people in need.

Wish Tree

Our employees themselves came up with a way to fulfill the holiday wishes of those in need. Currently, hundreds of our colleagues in five countries fulfill the wishes of children, seniors, single parents, and homeless individuals. We cannot imagine the pre-Christmas period without this charitable initiative, which helps brighten the eyes and bring smiles to the faces of these individuals during the holiday season.