We aim to conduct all activities at a high ethical level in line with our values. The Skanska Code of Conduct and the Supplier Code of Conduct set the necessary direction towards this goal.

High moral level

Skanskas aim is to operate on all home markets at a high moral level. Our Code of Conduct and Suppliers Code of Conduct explaining what behaviour we expect from our chain and other partners is our support in order to achieve the aim.

Our values is the key

Our Code of Conduct is based on Skanska values. They are not just words – they express how we aim to live everyday life. They sum up our expectations how to run our business in a responsible and sustainable way allowing us to be trusted partner for our customer. Skanska Code of Conduct is the key to implement our values into our everyday life.

The Code of Conduct sets out how we should behave when dealing with our colleagues, customers, the communities in which we operate and other stakeholders. It offers practical guidance to our employees on how to act in accordance with our values, especially the value of Acting ethically and transparently. The Code offers a number of examples to help employees apply the principles in their daily lives. We have published a Skanska Code of Conduct web app.

Clear guidance

The Skanska Code of Conduct is intended to provide clear guidance and is therefore divided into three parts:

  • Our workplace commitments
    About responsible stewardship of Skanska's assets and creating a fair, healthy and safe workplace where there is an inclusive culture and where we can all develop our professional skills, grow as individuals and feel welcome.
  • Our commitment to the market
    Relationships are based on respect and mutual benefit. This is why we always strive to understand and anticipate the needs of our customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholder groups, why we behave with integrity and act responsibly and fairly, and why we do our utmost to deliver quality work on time and on budget. In fact, we always strive to do a better job than what is expected of us.
  • Our Company Commitments
    As an integral part of society, we are always looking for new ways to minimise our environmental footprint, promote fair competition and contribute to the communities in which we live and work.

An open culture

Our Code of Conduct provides direction for employees, but they will still face ethical dilemmas. We promote a transparent workplace culture where ethics are openly and regularly discussed, including a "values moment" at the beginning of meetings.

We want employees to be unafraid to discuss ethical issues and dilemmas with their supervisors and others. All employees need to feel empowered to report violations of our Code of Conduct.

Reporting of suggestions

Each Skanska business unit has its own Ethics Committee that investigates all reports. You can, among other things, report complaints via our Code of Conduct Hotline. It can be used by both employees and other parties, including suppliers and subcontractors. All information on how to report a complaint can be found on this page.

How to report a complaint

If you believe there has been a breach of the Skanska Code of Conduct, there are various ways to report it.

Each of our employees is responsible for reporting violations of the Skanska Code of Conduct or suspected violations.

Employees have the option to report a violation or suspected violation of the Code of Conduct to their supervisor or manager. They also have the option of contacting the relevant Human Resources or Legal Department, any member of the Ethics Committee, the Ethics Ambassador, or sending information to Contact.

If neither of these options is satisfactory, they can report misconduct confidentially and anonymously to the Skanska Code of Conduct Hotline, by phone or via the website. Here is the relevant information:

Hotline: 800012953
Organization code: 109708

Both employees and other parties, including employees, suppliers and subcontractors, can use the option to report violations or suspected violations of the Code of Conduct.

Business ethics

Based on the statistics of anti-corruption Transparency International group, construction industry has one of the worst ratings in the field of industry.

This is a great challenge for Skanska. In 2002, we published our Code of Conduct fot the first time and in 2003 separte "Compliance Guidelines" that should help to implement Code of Conduct principles.
As a member of the engineering and construction group at the World Economic Forum in 2004, Skanska was the founder of "Partnership against Corruption" (also known as the PACI Principles).

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