Skanska Property Poland strengthens Asset Management Department

Press release 4/16/2015 12:25 PM CET

Skanska Property Poland has extended its range of post-sale services for tenants.  Skanska's Asset Management Department team of Regional Asset Coordinators (RAC) led by Łukasz Kwieciński have gained two new employees in the last few months. RAC was created by analyzing the requirements of tenants, who remain under the care of coordinators from the moment a lease agreement with Skanska is signed to post-relocation.

Łukasz Kwieciński - Asset Manager Skanska Property Poland

By analyzing long-term experiences in cooperation with clients from various sectors, such as developing office buildings tailored to specific needs, Skanska Property Poland has created a team of specialists who are responsible for supporting tenants during the process of preparation, transfer and use of office space. Post-sale services and the Skanska Customer Care Program begin the moment the lease agreement has been signed. Regional Asset Coordinators are responsible for the implementation of the Customer Care Program as part of the whole process. They are the first point of contact for clients and are responsible for a quick response to the tenants' needs that can occur during the space’s preparation phase. RAC, by applying the Program, supports the client and enables the swift realization of a lease agreement during the scheme’s development, the tenant’s relocation into the office or even during the design phase.

The team, which currently comprises four coordinators, has recently increased its operational area. The team is managed by Łukasz Kwieciński, who was appointed to the function in H2 of 2014. The first task was to consolidate the Skanska Customer Care Program in all of Skanska’s investments and increase the quality of developer services provided by the company in Poland. The next step taken by the Asset team was to apply selected solutions in Skanska’s office units operating throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

Łukasz Kwieciński has been involved in the real estate industry since 2006. While working in one of the leading advisory agencies on the commercial real estate market, he was responsible for the commercialization of office buildings. He joined Skanska in 2008 as a Leasing Negotiator. In 2012, he was appointed to the position of Regional Asset Coordinator (RAC). Since the second half of 2014, Łukasz has been managing Skanska Property Poland’s Asset Management Team in Poland.

“From an investment process perspective, some of the issues on the surface, seem to be of less significance. However, aspects such as lifts, the number of bicycle stands, relocation process as well as a canteen located in the building may be of crucial importance for tenants. RAC constantly remains in touch with tenants and coordinates the information and document flow between clients and both design and contractor teams. Thanks to this, the tenant is under the care of a person that remains up to speed on the scheme’s development phase, oversees the execution of lease agreement conditions and listens to the needs of tenants. We also provide support during the use of leased space and help the tenant to utilize it correctly”, says Łukasz Kwieciński, Regional Asset Manager at Skanska Property Poland.  

The aim of the Skanska Customer Care Program applied by RAC is to create an optimal workplace – from the scheme’s development phase and space arrangement to relocation. A survey regarding a tenant’s satisfaction after moving to the new office is also conducted. Furthermore, this innovative program by Skanska Property Poland also provides tenants with training organized in cooperation with the Sustainable Development Department. Thanks to this, the tenants’ employees have a better understanding of the solutions applied in the building and about how to use them correctly. Therefore, it is possible to benefit from sustainable building parameters realized by Skanska Property Poland and reduce the buildings’ impact on the environment and, furthermore, increase office space comfort.

Last updated: 8/22/2017