Skanska Property Poland laid the cornerstone for Atrium 2 office building in Warsaw

Press release 4/17/2015 1:00 PM CET

On April 17th 2015, Skanska Property Poland laid the cornerstone for Atrium 2, the company’s new office investment in Warsaw. The scheme that is located in the business center of Warsaw will combine the most important features of a modern office building. That includes a convenient location in the vicinity of numerous prominent points of Warsaw, and a number of green solutions that will contribute to the scheme’s friendly working conditions. This will be confirmed by LEED Platinum certificate.

Atrium 2 - Skanska Property Poland

Both representatives of Skanska Property Poland and city officials took part in the cornerstone ceremony that was held on Friday. The foundation act was signed by Michał Olszewski – Vice-President of Warsaw, Marek Sitarski – Deputy Mayor of Wola District, Katarzyna Zawodna – Managing Director at Skanska Property Poland, Krzysztof Andrulewicz – President at Skanska S.A., and Andrzej Michalik and Borys Juraszyński, representatives of PRC Architekci.

The taste of city in Atrium 2

Atrium 2 office building will offer its tenants around 20,000 sqm of modern office space. It will comprise 15 floors above ground and four floors underground. The scheme’s parking lot, with parking places for 125 cars, will be also provided with bicycle racks as well as locker rooms with shower cubicles for cyclists. One of the main advantages of Atrium 2 is its excellent location in the center of Warsaw. In the scheme’s vicinity there are several tram and bus lines and a station of the 2nd metro line. What is more, Złote Tarasy shopping center and Warszawa Centralna railway station are located within a bus stop length from the building. The scheme’s surrounding area also includes numerous cafes, restaurants with cuisine from across the world as well as several service points and recreational centers. One can easily find convenient locations for lunch, or business meeting, gyms and fitness centers as well as accommodation in one of the adjacent high-class hotels. The scheme’s completion and obtaining of occupancy permit is scheduled for the beginning of Q2 of 2016.

“Atrium 2 is a natural continuation of Skanska Property Poland’s presence at the Western side of Jana Pawła II Ave. in the very center of Warsaw. The scheme’s convenient location guarantees close proximity of public transport as well as a number of restaurants and service points. The investment was designed so as to provide both its tenants and their employees with maximum comfort. On each floor there will be loggias which will distinguish our building among other schemes currently developed in the city center. 270-centimeter-high full space glazing will provide an excellent access to natural daylight. Flexible, regular-shaped office space will ensure comfortable floor division even among several tenants,” comments Arkadiusz Rudzki, Leasing and Asset Director at Skanska Property Poland.

Combination of business and art

Furthermore, the developing scheme is an example of how to wisely combine building’s business functions with aesthetic values for employees and local residents. Its ground floor elevation will be decorated with a unique pattern imitating mosaics arranged with the so-called “Warsaw corsets”. The engraved design on the facade will be a reference to architectural modernism when many tenement floor coatings and fronts had been decorated with terracotta tiles with a characteristic cut – from which they afterwards took their name. Thus thanks to this classical, although rare, architectural element from the 30’s of the 20th century not only the building’s facade but also its surrounding areas will gain a new and friendly character.

“The scheme’s nearest area was designed for both the employees and the surrounding residents. We intend to rearrange a greenery and implement street furniture around Atrium 2. We also plan the square to have a complimentary Wi-Fi access that will be an excellent pretext to spend time here outdoors for the employees working in Atrium 2 as well as Warsaw’s residents. Therefore, it will be possible to work in the open air on sunny afternoons,” says Krzysztof Wilczek, Regional Director for Region North at Skanska Property Poland.

Green and friendly solutions

The building is developed in accordance with the concept of Workplaces by Skanska that guarantees high standards of sustainable building. It is proved by LEED Platinum pre-certification. Among the solutions applied in the scheme having a positive impact on working comfort there are: ventilation systems providing more fresh air, and chilled beams-based air-conditioning systems ensuring low noise emission and reduction of draught as well as temperature regulation in small areas. In addition, modern DayLight Control system will adjust artificial illuminance to the level of available natural daylight. In terms of cost reduction, the scheme will guarantee over 50% reduction in water consumption and 30% in energy, in comparison to local norms.

The scheme’s first tenants will be able to relocate into the building in the beginning of Q2 of 2016. Skanska Property Poland is in charge for the building’s commercialization. Skanska S.A. is the scheme’s general contractor while PRC Architekci prepared its architectural design. Construction and installation project was prepared by BuroHappold.

Last updated: 8/22/2017