Silesia Business Park's first building LEED Gold certified

Press release 9/10/2015 1:00 PM CET

The first building of Silesia Business Park office complex in Katowice has received LEED Gold certification. This is the ninth project developed by Skanska Property Poland to be recognized with such an environmental certificate.

Silesia Business Park - Katowice

Silesia Business Park is a modern office building complex being developed on the area of the former Baildon Steelworks at Chorzowska Street, one of Katowice's main communication arteries. In February 2015, Skanska commissioned for use the first of its planned four buildings on the location. Building A provides 12,000 sqm of green office space on its 12 floors above ground. It is already 80% leased.

“Building A of Silesia Business Park complex is another project developed by Skanska Property Poland that has been LEED certified. This confirms that our investments are developed in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, with the utmost focus on the comfort of future employees as well as the environment. Applying innovative, green solutions in Poland is gradually becoming a standard that is leading the way for the development of the office building market in regional cities such as Katowice”, says Paweł Paśnikowski, Sustainable Development Manager at Skanska Commercial Development Europe.

Silesia Business Park guarantees a friendly working environment and other benefits for the tenants’ employees. In building A, 30% more fresh air is circulated compared to local norms. Furthermore, the office building is powered with energy from renewable sources. In addition, thanks to applied solutions and LED lighting installed within common spaces, its energy consumption is 28% lower compared to similar buildings. The project is also distinguished by a lower emission of carbon dioxide as well as a 50% improvement in water efficiency. In order to help better understand the technologies applied within the building, Skanska has prepared an educational program for its tenants’ employees. As a consequence, companies will be able to fully appreciate the green potential of the building.

Building A is the first, fully completed phase of the Silesia Business Park office complex. Currently, another two buildings in the complex are being developed and they will be LEED Gold certified as well. The design of Silesia Business Park was created by the medusa group's architectural studio. The general contractor of the complex is Skanska S.A. while Skanska Property Poland is responsible for its commercialization.

Last updated: 8/22/2017