High Five for Krakow – Skanska’s office project to bring new energy to the city

Press release 3/18/2016 9:00 AM CET

In the very heart of Krakow, Skanska has commenced construction on an office project that will give the city’s development fresh impetus. The High Five complex will breathe new life into the area adjacent to Dworzec Główny railway station. The project will be a complex of five office buildings and will be open to both the city and local communities. A 'green' square will be developed between the scheme's buildings. Local artists and students will be able to participate in designing this important aspect of the project which will feature different functional zones with places available for people leading an active life and looking for positive energy - including both employees working within the complex and Krakow’s residents.

High Five, Kraków

High Five, located on Pawia Street, will be a place that will contribute to creating a new urban area in Krakow. It will include a people-friendly 'green' square open to the general public and will be perfect for those who want to relax during office hours or meet up with friends after work. While developing the complex, the main aim was to arrange a comfortable urban space both between and around the buildings. This is an example of placemaking, a concept which continues to gain popularity around the world that capitalizes on a local community's assets, inspiration, and potential, with the intention of creating public spaces that promote people's health, happiness, and well being. Furthermore, small urban architecture will be developed near High Five along with carefully arranged green space divided into numerous zones.

“Our aim was to re-shape this underused area of the city. We want to achieve this goal by developing exceptional architecture which will seamlessly fit in with the character of Krakow. Thanks to innovative solutions and our open approach towards placemaking, we will be able to develop a project that provides a comfortable working environment and a relaxing location for people who want to spend some 'down time'. I am sure that our project will generate a great deal of energy and boost the city’s development. Hence its name - ‘High Five’ – referring to the hand gesture of giving a “high five”. This gesture of victory and joy is dedicated to companies that bind their future to that of Krakow and its residents. This especially applies to young and dynamic people, who will be working here and helping to create an area that looks to the future while remaining in harmony with Krakow's wonderful tradition”, explains Arkadiusz Rudzki, Managing Director at Skanska Property Poland. 

Each of the High Five office complex’s five buildings will contribute to different aspects of energy - diversity, creation, city, joy and innovation.

“High Five complex will become an architectural gateway leading to the heart of Krakow and a place indicating the strict city center. The project corresponds with its surrounding areas, such as the building of Technical University of Krakow and the clinker brick elevation of adjacent buildings. The nobility of materials used in the façade and their color wash will comply with the center’s historical context. The urban development will comprise an open and welcoming space decorated with passer-by-friendly squares and passages. A roofed passage will be developed along the square frontage of Pawia Street and it will include restaurants, cafes and places to relax and for leisure time activities. With its aesthetics and openness towards residents, High Five will fill out this part of the city and will encourage Krakow’s residents to return here”, says Piotr Nawara, President at nsMoonStudio.

After completion, the five buildings will offer a total of 70 000 sqm of leasable space, the equivalent of ten soccer pitches. Due to its close proximity to Krakow Główny railway station, and being well-served by public transportation and bicycle routes, High Five will be the best communicated office investment in Krakow. People working here will be able to reach it by train, bus, bike, tram and electric car. A dedicated concierge will be at the tenants’ disposal. Ultimately, the complex will be adjusted to the needs of approx. 7 000 people.

High Five: key fact and numbers

  • Total leasable space: 70,000 sqm GLA.
  • Leasable space of phase I (building D and E): 28,000 sqm GLA.
  • Scheduled completion date: Q4 2017.
  • Two office buildings will be developed in phase I and both will be located between the Ibis Hotel and Galeria Krakowska.
  • Phase I of the complex will provide 175 parking places.
  • Buildings D and E will comprise six floors above ground. The garage of building D will be located on ground level and one underground. The garage of building E will be located on two underground levels.
  • The scheme’s general contractor is Skanska S.A. The project's architect is Moon Studio. Skanska Property Poland is responsible for its commercialization.
Last updated: 8/22/2017