Cornerstone laid for Nowa Fabryczna – an investment that will bring a new impulse for development of New Center of Lodz

Press release 3/22/2016 1:00 PM CET

Nowa Fabryczna will be the first office building to be developed in the area of New Center of Lodz project. This modern office scheme located opposite the new Dworzec Fabryczny railway station will create high quality space for work and contribute to the business development of NCŁ. The cornerstone ceremony for this significant investment was held today. After completion, Nowa Fabryczna will offer working space for over 2 000 employees.

Nowa Fabryczna, Łódź

The cornerstone ceremony was attended by Hanna Zdanowska, the Mayor of Lodz, as well as representatives of Lodz City Hall, Skanska S.A - the project’s general contractor, and Skanska Property Poland - the building’s developer. The cornerstone ceremony indicates that the building’s development entered a new phase and further construction works will take place solely above ground levels.

Nowa Fabryczna office building, designed by the renowned medusa group architectural studio, will be distinguished by its unique, open-work façade. The project is developed in accordance with the idea of placemaking based on the idea of green, healthy, functional as well as employee and resident friendly places within public spaces. According to this concept, Nowa Fabryczna will provide, among others, a spacious green patio available for all residents of Lodz. All this will allow the project to comply with the new definition of urban tissue within NCŁ.

“Today, the New Center of Lodz is one big construction site. The new district is taking its shape primarily thanks to Skanska, a company developing two office investments in extremely prestigious locations within the city. Skanska’s office buildings will be the first objects visible for travelers heading from the new, underground Dworzec Fabryczny railway station. I am glad that the company is not only developing New Center with us but also contributes to the creation of thousands of new working places available within its offices”, says Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of Lodz.

“New Center of Lodz is a project unique worldwide and a great operation on a living urban organism. It will bring in a metropolitan, modern character and our office project will be a significant element of this concept. Nowa Fabryczna office building brings an important impulse for the business development of NCŁ. It was designed with focus on creative people who will contribute to the atmosphere of a completely new, dynamic and innovative city of Lodz”, says Łukasz Kaleciński, Regional Director at Skanska Property Poland.

Nowa Fabryczna will be developed in an excellent location – directly opposite Dworzec Fabryczny railway station which, after completion, will be the most modern railway station in Poland. Furthermore, other significant investments will be located in the building’s close proximity including City Gate as well as buildings located in place of the old heat and power plants EC1 – West, which also serves as an interactive Centre of Science and Technology, and EC1 – East, where a cultural and artistic center will be developed. Besides the publicly available patio, employees working at Nowa Fabryczna will have numerous amenities at their disposal including a modern bicycle infrastructure with an urban bike station. Furthermore, the building will be equipped with loggias – balconies included in the building’s construction available for employees during their work breaks.

Nowa Fabryczna – key facts and numbers

  • The project will offer 21 500 sqm of leasable space.
  • Nowa Fabryczna will comprise seven floors above ground and two under.
  • The complex will provide 210 parking places.
  • The project will be LEED Gold certified.
  • Its commission for use is scheduled between Q2 and Q3 2017.
  • The author of the architectural project in Silesia-based Medusa group studio. The general contractor for Nowa Fabryczna is Skanska S.A. while Skanska Property Poland will be responsible for the building’s commercialization.
Last updated: 8/22/2017