Skanska focuses on innovations

Press release 4/26/2016 12:30 PM CET

Green and intelligent solutions, mobile applications, virtual reality and beacons – innovations change the real estate market. They are one of the most significant motor engines for the industry. Skanska Property Poland places strong emphasis on this issue and makes sure that it remains a constant element of its business. Thus, the company decided to introduce a new role into its structures – Innovation Manager, who is responsible for developing innovations in numerous organizational dimensions.

Renata Nowakowska, Skanska Property Poland

Skanska’s history on the Polish real estate market underlines how important innovations are for the company. At the beginning of 2000’s developer popularized LEED system in Poland and soon became the pioneer in building certification in Poland. Several years later, sustainable solutions managed to revolutionize the market and became a must-have for developers. Currently, there are more and more new business areas accompanied by technologies with potential to change the real estate industry in the future. Hence, developers ought to keep their fingers on the pulse, analyze all opportunities and introduce innovations that might improve working comfort for their tenants.

- In recent times, we have witnessed a real boom on the commercial real estate market, especially regarding class A projects whose stock volume continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. Thus, it is important to search for new solutions that might distinguish our buildings among competition. In our new office projects, we always analyze opportunities to introduce innovations such as concierge systems and intelligent applications for users. The main task for Innovation Manager is to develop the innovative corporate culture in our company as well as identify and implement further innovatory solutions that might provide added value for our buildings. We want to realize such processes in close co-operation with both academic and start-up circles as well as with participation from local communities – says Arkadiusz Rudzki, Managing Director at Skanska Property Poland.

Renata Nowakowska was appointed as Innovation Manager at Skanska Property Poland. Prior to joining Skanska, she had been HR Partner supporting both Polish and Czech HR teams.

- The process of implementing innovative solutions is commenced by people and their ingenuity. We focus on developing creative competences of our employees and provide them with space to realize their ideas. Innovation must be present everywhere, not only in specialized units. Otherwise, it will not generate expected results – value added for the client. We aim at improving our employees’ potential through different initiatives such as Creative Mangle. This is our original workshop with an aim to develop the ability to think “out of the box” as well as instruct how to use efficient tools for generating ideas, for example silent brainstorming. Of course, our tenants are also very inspirational for us as their needs and opinions encourage us to search for new solutions – says Renata Nowakowska, Innovation Manager at Skanska Property Poland.

Skanska focuses on implementing innovative solutions in all of its business operations. On its construction sites, Skanska S.A. uses drones and BIM (Building Information Management) technologies. The company also implements 3D scanning of its projects. Building Information Modeling was also used during the development of Osiedle Mickiewicza in Warsaw. It is the first residential building in Poland to be BREEAM certified. The certification guarantees the project’s high quality and confirms that modern methods of protection of fauna and flora, such as preservation of tree roots, were used on its construction site. While developing its office projects, Skanska Property Poland co-operates with local foundations and civil society organizations. Investments realized by the company set the standards for developing comfortable, healthy and efficient places for work. Skanska’s office buildings provide over 30% more fresh air compared to applicable norms. Futhermore, Skanska’s buildings also provide access to natural daylight in at least 70% of working space. Skanska was the first company in Poland to receive LEED Platinum certificate for its Green Towers office building in Wroclaw. In addition, it was also the first company to obtain LEED Platinum Commercial Interior cetificate for its headquarters in Atrium 1 office building in Warsaw.

Last updated: 8/22/2017