The third phase of “Tiramisu” now completed

Press release 12/12/2016 10:30 AM CET

The complex continues to take shape while Skanska takes on tenants, through for example - culinary workshops

Skanska has attained an occupancy permit for the third building of the Silesia Business Park in Katowice. The office complex, commonly referred to as “Tiramisu”, is one of the biggest office parks in Katowice. In just two years, the scheme has already developed a business community of over 3,100 employees. Skanska, in co-operation with BioBazar, organizes numerous events including a series of culinary workshops especially for tenants’ specialists. “Our employees are willingly to participate in additional educational events as well as engaging in initiatives in which they can help others” – says Karolina Długosz, CSR Manager at Capgemini Polska.

Silesia Business Park, Skanska Property Poland

Silesia Business Park office complex, which will ultimately consist of four office towers, already has lease agreements signed for over 23,000 sqm of space. Three steamlined buildings are one some of the most noticeable buildings viewed by anyone driving along Chorzowska Street. Developed on the area of the former Baildon Steelworks, these buildings have quickly become one of the symbols of the city’s transformation into a location for modern business as well as consulting and IT services. Today, this is a place full of life and activities that are not only professional but social as well. Employees can take part in free culinary workshops focusing on healthy food organized by Skanska together with BioBazar. The offer also includes workshops with biotechnologist Katarzyna Antonik-Heller, author of the blog “Greenery on a plate”, as well as Christmas-themed vegan live-cooking meetings.

- We have delivered to tenants three towers of Silesia Business Park in the last two years. According to our business plan, every next stage was to start with the progress of the commercialization of the previous building. Today, there are over 3,100 employees from different companies and industries working in the complex. This was a place where there was literally nothing, but we were able to breathe life back into a space where global international brands conduct their operations while their employees are willing to creatively spend their leisure time after work – comments Mariusz Krzak, Regional Director at Skanska Property Poland.

In November, during Green Education Week, employees working at Silesia Business Park could participate in a game dedicated to green solutions implemented in the building. In September, as part of the topic of a healthy lifestyle, Skanska developed an outside gym available for tenants in the buildings’ vicinity.

- Our employees are willingly to participate in additional educational events as well as engaging in initiatives in which they can help others. In June 2016, together with a Regional Blood Donation and Hemotherapy Centre, we organized a blood donation campaign in Silesia Business Park. We also invited the team from PwC to take part in the event. This is just one of the examples which indicates that together is better – explains Karolina Długosz, CSR Manager at Capgemini Polska.


Silesia Business Park – key fact and numbers:

  • Ultimately, the complex will consist of four, twin-like office buildings.
  • Leasable space within each building will amount to 12,000 sqm.
  • Elevation of each building will consist of 26 stripes – 13 black, five golden and eight white.
  • The height of each building from the garage level is 52 m.
  • Each building of Silesia Business Park will be LEED Gold certified.
  • In October 2015, buildings A and B were purchased by a fund managed by Swedish investor Niam. The transaction on four buildings – two in Katowice and two in Kraków (Axis and Kapelanka 42) – was the biggest transaction concluded on the office market in Central and Eastern Europe in 2015 as well as the biggest deal in the history of Skanska’s operations within the region.
  • The architectural design was created by medusa group studio.
  • The general contractor is Skanska S.A. while Skanska Property Poland is responsible for commercialization of the complex.
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