Fujitsu to open new department in Nowa Fabryczna office building in Łódź

Press release 3/23/2017 12:20 PM CET

Fujitsu will open a new department in the Nowa Fabryczna office building where it has leased 6,200 sqm of office space. So far, Fujitsu has been operating in Warsaw and two other locations in Łódź, where it launched its global services centre (Łódź Global Delivery Center – GDC), and financial shared services centre (Finance Services). All specialists from the company’s Łódź-based departments work together in order to achieve the common goal of maximizing Fujitsu’s potential on both a local and global scale .They also contribute in making the company the most sought-after workplace in Łódź's metropolitan area. Fujitsu offers a wide range of solutions and IT services, including multi-linguistic customer services, services of remote infrastructure management, services in the areas of business applications, Research & Development as well as services management. The financial shared services centre offers internal financial and accounting services for companies in the Fujitsu corporation which operate in over 20 countries. The newly-leased office space is located in one of Łódź's most prestigious locations. The financial shared services centre will relocate to its new office in September 2017.

Nowa Fabryczna, Łódź, Skanska Property Poland

Żaneta Leduchowska, Fujitsu Head of Finance Services, Łódź, comments - The new location will be an attractive place to work for our employees. It is a comfortable and modern office which is well-served by road, rail and the city's public transport. The office is an ideal location for both current and prospective employees and it will surely enhance the company’s development in the city.

We were the first to recognize the investmentand city-forming potential of Nowe Centrum Łodzi. Nowa Fabryczna confirms this – it is another Skanska project that was nearly fully leased before its scheduled delivery to market. Furthermore, the fact that Łódź improves its economic position not only in Poland but also in the Central and Eastern Europe region is really impressive. Our co-operation with Fujitsu indicates that the city has become a significant operational centre for well-known global business brands – comments Ewelina Kałużna, Leasing & Asset Management Director at Skanska Property Poland.

The 2016 transaction between Fujitsu and Skanska reflects a clearly visible trend in Łódź's office market – the dynamic growth in demand for modern office space. Congratulations to Fujitsu on deciding to expand its operations in Łódź and in choosing a project which is excellent in both quality and location — says Marcin Włodarczyk, Regional Director at of Colliers International in Łódź.

Nowa Fabryczna is located on Składowa Street in the vicinity of the multi-functional Łódź Fabryczna railway station, the most modern railway station in Poland. The project was developed in accordance with Skanska’s adopted concept of creating good urban space which is based on the development of space that is open to the public. Nowa Fabryczna will be no different and will include a spacious, green patio with stairs which passing pedestrians will be able to use, along with a bicycle infrastructure that includes an urban bicycle station. The office building is scheduled to be completed this year and will offer 21,500 sqm of total leasable space on seven floors above ground. Furthermore, tenants will have a parking lot, also with an underground section, with 210 parking places at their disposal. The building is developed in compliance with the principles of sustainable building and has already been LEED Gold pre-certified.

The new investment will become an important part of Nowe Centrum Łodzi. This ambitious, city-forming project will be a significant addition to Łódź's urban space combining business, culture and transport.

Last updated: 8/22/2017