Innovations connect Skanska and Gorazdze

Press release 8/18/2017 8:30 AM CET

Skanska, together with Gorazdze Cement Group S.A., have started the cooperation in order to develop innovations in concrete technologies and digitalization. We have just signed the agreement which includes common research and development projects and close expert cooperation. The aim is: to use the potential of our companies in innovative concrete products, green construction, 3D printing, digital transformation, and others.

Cooperation between Skanska and Gorazdze

"Cooperation will be a perfect platform for mutual inspiration and work with ideas, and then to their commercialization," Marek Malinowski, Research and Innovation Center Director, Skanska Poland.

"In technological innovations and digitalization of business processes, we can see the potential to build solutions which are valuable for both sides. I'm convinced that this cooperation we've begun today in such important fields will bring us measurable and long period effects," summarizes Czesław Nierzwicki, Commercial Director and Board Member at Gorazdze Cement SA

"For Skanska, the development of concrete technologies is a issue. In this field we want to cooperate with external partners that are leaders in the production industry in order to develop new products for our clients and set trends in this area of technology. Skanska and Gorazdze have a perfect background for doing that together," says Anna Tryfon–Bojarska, Head of Innovation & Technology.

"Nowadays, digital transformation affects all large entrepreneurships, this is a big challenge especially for the construction industry, which is why the exchange of experiences between the participants to the market is absolutely crucial," - Aleksander Szerner, Head of Digitalization & Smart Equipment.


Last updated: 8/22/2017