Skanska S.A. announces its new strategy – it will build cities

Press release 2/5/2018 2:00 PM CET

Skanska S.A. has just announced its new “City Builder” strategy. Its aim is to concentrate business in large urban agglomerations, focus on maintaining cooperation with other units from the group as well as increase involvement in the implementation of complex projects.

We want to build the future on the things that Skanska knows best. We focus on the locations and segments with already known and proven potential. We want to be where we can use the internal advantages and knowledge of Skanska resulting from the cooperation with other units from the Group that conduct office and residential developer activities – explains Magnus Persson, new President at Skanska S.A., a company being a general constructor in Skanska Group.

Skanska S.A. focuses on business efficiency. The aim of the actions introduced by the strategy is to optimize the existing scale of operations in favor of projects that yield the biggest profits, due to their complexity and necessary know-how, as well as areas with the greatest potential for long-term growth.

In the case of "City Builder", the projects will be carefully selected in terms of suitability to use our staff competence and potential, taking into account the risk-benefit balance.The strong selection of projects and locations is also propelled by the need of technological advancement. Therefore we pay our attention to the main urban centres, where we recognize the best prospects for the construction market. We will prioritize projects where we get involved from early stages and can contribute with out technical know-how and innovative solutions to help our clients realize successful and sustainable projects.", adds President Magnus Persson.

In practice, within the framework of the new strategy, Skanska will use the competence and resources clustered in key centres throughout Poland and supporting the markets in the field of civil and engineering construction. The company intends to execute diverse projects, but it will also focus on the contracts which can yield added value for both business partners and communities.

“City Builder” strategy refers to the experience of One Skanska – all units operating under the banner of Skanska Group in Poland. Its assumptions were approved by the Management Board at Skanska AB The selection of Magnus Persson – former Vice President of the Board at Skanska AB – as the President at Skanska S.A. confirms that the success of the new strategy is the paramount priority for one of the biggest construction and developer companies worldwide.

Last updated: 8/22/2017