Skanska lays cornerstone for Centrum Południe

Press release 4/17/2019 2:30 PM CET

Skanska has laid the cornerstone for its Centrum Południe office investment at Powstańców Śląskich in Wroclaw. It’s the developer’s seventh office project in the main city of Dolny Slask and the first in the region set to receive WELL certification, confirming the high quality of the work environment that it is going to create.

Cornerstone ceremony, Centrum Południe, Skanska

Centrum Południe is being constructed at the corner of Powstańców Śląskich and Szczęśliwa streets. The whole complex will consist of five buildings with a total space of 85,000 sqm. In the first phase of the project, which has started in Q3 2018, two office buildings will be built, providing tenants with a total of 26,000 sqm of modern office space. The architectural designs for the first phase have been created by APA Wojciechowski.

The office complex will be situated by one of the city’s main traffic arteries, as well as one of Poland’s longest lime tree alleys. Centrum Południe is located a mere 20-minute walk away from Wroclaw’s historical town square and a 10-minute walk from the main railway station and the main bus station.

As part of the project, the historical Lwowska, once one of the city’s most recognizable streets, will be symbolically commemorated. Skanska plans to place a commemorative plaque at Centrum Południe and create a public space around it with street furniture, some greenery and a fountain.

– So far, we have provided Wroclaw with about 130,000 sqm of office space which means that every eight-square meter of offices in this city was built by Skanska. This stands to show what an important market Wroclaw is to us. We want Centrum Południe to set new standards for what kind of work environment an office building and its surroundings can offer. We hope that our biggest multistage investment in the city will become a benchmark for future projects – says Mariusz Krzak, Regional Director at Skanska’s office unit in Poland.

WELL for the first time in the region

Centrum Południe is carried out in accordance with WELL certificate guidelines as the first Skanska investment in southern Poland. The certificate will confirm that Centrum Południe has a positive impact on employee health and wellbeing. WELL evaluates workspace in seven categories: air quality, water quality, eating, lighting, physical activity space, physical comfort and psychological comfort. A total of more than 100 different metrics is taken under consideration during the certification process. The certificate is awarded by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI).


More than modern office buildings

As with all of its investments, Skanska has considered the needs of the local community while developing the Centrum Południe project. Before launching phase one, the developer had conducted public consultations which were taken into account when the building’s surroundings were designed. For the first time in Wroclaw, consultations regarding the development investment took place at such an early stage of the project implementation.

– Our aim is to use about 25% of the land to create a publicly accessible rest and recreation zone. Members of the local community will have free access to the new fountain, the cafes, the street furniture and the green areas – says Mariusz Krzak.

Innovative solutions during construction and work in the office building

Innovation reigns as much during the construction of Centrum Południe as it will later when the building is finally filled with hard-working employees. A good example of the innovative solutions that will benefit future users is the building’s operating system – Connected by Skanska – which integrates various building management functions in a single mobile app. The system will enable users to move around the building using a smartphone instead of traditional access cards. It will also allow them to prepare virtual invitations for guests and to reserve parking spaces for them. The building will have a parking system which will recognize license plates and allocate available parking spaces. Additionally, the tenants and building managers will have access to a special web portal which will enable them to view data concerning the building’s functioning.

As for construction, during work on the first phase of the complex the so-called chute technique was used to form the core of the building. Owing to a special concrete mixture and a platform that was raised in step with the building, an 11 cm per hour construction ratio could be maintained 24 hours a day. Thus, the 14 stories of the building’s core were completed in a mere three weeks.

Centrum Południe – key facts and numbers:  

  • The project will comprise 5 buildings with a total leasable space of about 85,000 sqm.
  • Construction of phase one of the complex has started in Q3 2018. It is scheduled to end in Q3 2020.
  • The two buildings in phase one will provide tenants with about 26,000 sqm of modern office space.
  • The general contractor for the whole complex is Skanska S.A.
  • The architectural designs for phases one and two have been created by APA Wojciechowski.
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