Pavement that fights smog at the High5ive office building

Press release 6/17/2019 12:00 PM CET

Skanska will build 1 900 m2 of pavement made of the so-called "green concrete", which cleans the air from harmful substances from car exhaust fumes, around the third and fourth building of the High5ive complex in Krakow. The first part of the pavement will be commissioned later this year.

High5ive, Kraków, Skanska

Thanks to a special concrete mixture and sunlight falling on the surface of the concrete slab, harmful compounds from car exhaust fumes (including nitrogen dioxide) are reduced. Harmful NOx particles are broken down into neutral harmless compounds, similar to those used for fertilizing plants.

The pavement made of "green concrete" will be constructed on an area of almost 1 900 m2, around the third and fourth High5ive office buildings that are under construction at ul. Pawia in Krakow. The work will start in September this year. The first part of the pavement will be commissioned in December this year together with building A, and the remaining part will be commissioned in February 2020 together with building B.

– The smog problem affects the largest Polish cities in which we implement our office investment projects. Our colleagues from Skanska tested "green concrete" together with scientific partners in Warsaw, confirming its effectiveness in urban conditions. High5ive is being built in the very center of Krakow, and we are always keen to ensure that our projects give something more to the neighborhood and residents. Thanks to "green concrete" we will be able to contribute to the fight against smog in Krakow — stressed Marcin Pędrak, Project Manager at Skanska office unit in Poland.

Tested, tried and effective

The construction of "green concrete" pavements in Krakow is a continuation of the project initiated by Skanska and Górażdże in Warsaw. Such a pavement was built last year on the Generation Park office project. The concrete was tested under laboratory and urban conditions, with different levels of car traffic. 

The measurements carried out jointly by Skanska and scientific partners — the Institute of Geophysics PAN (Polish Academy of Sciences), the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology and the Faculty of Geology at the University of Warsaw - proved that the area where "green concrete" was installed showed on average a 30% lower concentration of nitrogen dioxide compared to the normal section of the surface. 

The idea was also appreciated by the Municipal Roads Authority in Warsaw, whose representatives announced that "green concrete" pavements could be created as part of the development plans for the city's infrastructure.

High5ive grows in Krakow

The High5ive complex is being built in ul. Pawia. It will consist of five buildings and will provide a total of approx. 70 000 sqm. of modern office space. Due to its central location, High5ive is one of the best communicated office projects in Krakow - it can be reached by train, bus, tram, car or bicycle. It will also offer recharging facilities for electric cars and bicycles. 

The area around the complex will be rich in vegetation. As part of the first stage of the investment, a green island with designated zones for relaxation was created. At subsequent stages, Skanska will continue to develop the greenery around the complex - dozens of different species of trees, shrubs, grasses and ornamental perennials will be planted.

The office building is being constructed in accordance with the requirements of the LEED certificate at the Platinum level. The project will also apply for the "Office Without Barriers" certificate, which means that it will be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, parents with children, seniors and people who do not speak Polish.

High5ive: key facts and figures:

  • The project consists of 5 buildings with a total leasable area of approx. 70 000 sqm. GLA
  • Two completed buildings on the side of Galeria Krakowska have provided 23 300 sqm. of office space. The third building, the construction of which began in Q3 2017, will provide approx. 12 200 sqm. of space. The fourth building will provide approx. 24 500 sqm. of space.
  • Certificates: LEED Platinum and "Office Without Barriers"
  • The general contractor of the building is Skanska S.A.
  • The author of the architectural design is NS Moon Studio.
Last updated: 8/22/2017