New roles in Marketing & Communications team in Skanska

Press release 4/22/2020 10:00 AM CET

Skanska commercial development business unit in CEE has created new roles within the Marketing and Communications team. Anna Wiśniewska has been appointed Marketing & Communications Director, while Alexandra Bucur and Petra Machartová have been promoted to Project Marketing & Communications Manager and Corporate Marketing Manager, respectively.

Anna Wiśniewska, Aleksandra Markiewicz, Alex Bucur, Petra Machartova

Skanska commercial development business unit in CEE is an office real estate market leader that operates on 10 city markets in 4 countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Poland. In January 2020 the company appointed a new Senior Leadership Team and initiated the process of centralizing the organization on a regional level in order to enhance cross-country cooperation, establish a regional business value creation hub, and strengthen strategic focus on customers. New roles and appointments in the marketing and communications team are part of this process. 

Anna Wiśniewska, previously Marketing & Communications Manager in Skanska’s commercial development business unit in CEE, has been promoted to Marketing & Communications Director position. In the new role she manages a team of Marketing and Communications professionals across the business unit, i.e. in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Poland. Anna Wiśniewska joined the company in 2011 and soon became the leader of the Marketing & Communications team, first in Poland and later on the regional level. Apart from coordinating all the marketing and communications activities, she introduced new brand products to the company and the market – Workplaces by Skanska and Futureproof Workplaces by Skanska as well as developed the Futureproof marketing strategy and created a unique product standard – Scandinavian Lobby Guidelines for the CEE region. 

Alexandra Bucur, newly appointed Project Marketing & Communications Manager, is responsible for creating one project marketing and communications team for the entire business unit across the 4 countries. Project marketing and communication team will work on bringing office buildings to the market, by co-creating them, their positioning and messaging. Together with Project Management and Leasing & Sales teams, will also oversee delivering brand loyalty on each market. She has more than 12 years of experience as a professional and innovative marketer, building brands from scratch, developing products and leading diverse teams. Alexandra joined Skanska in 2016 as a Marketing and Communications Manager responsible for the Romanian and Hungarian markets. She developed and managed the marketing and communication plans for projects in these countries, while simultaneously coordinating Skanska corporate marketing and communications activities.

Petra Machartová, as a new Corporate Marketing Manager, works on the business unit level, cooperates closely with corporate communications as well as with project marketing and communications teams in order to increase projects’ awareness, create interest in the products, build and maintain brand loyalty. The main responsibilities in this role will be to create new and utilize existing marketing tools and support the key client and customer care programs as well as divestment events and materials. Petra will be responsible for the promotion of Skanska commercial development unit portfolio to key clients and main target groups. She joined Skanska Property Czech Republic in 2012 and three years later was appointed Marketing & Communication Coordinator. Since then she managed to successfully execute the marketing and brand strategy for 5 commercial projects in Prague and support Skanska commercial development unit in the Nordics in building innovation strategy and supporting innovation culture in her assignment in Stockholm.

Aleksandra Markiewicz continue to be responsible for communications on CEE level, performs new position of the Corporate Communications Manager. In this role she is responsible for setting centralized internal and external communications strategy for the entire commercial development business unit in CEE together with her team. She joined Skanska in 2012 as Marketing & Communications Coordinator dedicated to projects in Wrocław, Katowice and Kraków. Later she was given different roles within Skanska Group including assignment in the communications team in Stockholm and managing external communication team for three business streams in Poland (construction, residential and commercial development). 

Media contacts at Skanska com­­­mercial development business unit CEE effective from 01 April , 2020 remain as follows:  

  • European media – Aleksandra Markiewicz, Corporate Communications Manager, Contact
  • Poland – Jędrzej Kruszyński, Corporate Communications Coordinator, Contact
  • Czech Republic – Petra Machartová, Corporate Marketing Manager, Contact
  • Romania – Monica Bejan, Project Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Contact
  • Hungary – Ekaterina Raimbekova, Project Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Contact
Email: Aleksandra Markiewicz, HR Manager/Business Partner
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