Skanska’s eco-innovations to appear in Poznan. The developer will build the first antismog pavement in the city

Press release 9/23/2020 9:30 AM CET

Poznan is yet another city where Skanska will build a pavement, reducing the amount of smog that is so harmful to people’s health. As part of building D of the Nowy Rynek complex, which is currently under construction, almost 4,000 sqm of the so-called green concrete pavement will be built, neutralizing the equivalent of pollution emitted by a car that has traveled over 70,000 kilometers per year. The completion and commission are scheduled for the second quarter of 2021.


Green concrete is a solution particularly needed in cities where smog and pollution from car exhaust fumes are growing problems. Thanks to solar rays, the number of NOx particles that are harmful to people is reduced on the pavement surface. The particles are broken down into neutral nitrogen compounds and discharged into the soil with rainwater. An additional advantage of the concrete is its self-cleaning properties.

Measurements carried out by Skanska and its science partners during laboratory tests and, then, in urban spaces have shown that the area where green concrete had been fitted recorded, on average, a 30% lower concentration of nitrogen dioxide as compared to standard surface. Skanska has successfully tested this technology with its investments in Warsaw, Krakow, and Gdansk.

The first green concrete pavement in Poznan will cover the surface of almost 4,000 sqm. The works will start in Q1 2021, whereas the commission is scheduled for Q2 – together with the commission of building D of the Nowy Rynek complex. The pavement will neutralize the equivalent of pollution emitted by a diesel car that has traveled more than 70,000 kilometers per year.

– Green concrete is a technology that is becoming a standard in Skanska’s investments in Poland. This is another feature of the sustainable construction that is part of our DNA. Last year, we set ourselves the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2045 and 50% carbon emission reduction by 2030 – said Roland Jarosz, Project Manager at Skanska office unit. – Our ties with Poznan date back to 2011 when we started the construction of Malta House, the first Skanska office building in the city. As a responsible developer, we want to contribute to improving the quality of life of people who live in the cities where we complete our investments. We build modern, top-class office buildings surrounded by well-designed green spaces. Thanks to antismog pavements, we can further contribute to the improvement of air purity – adds Roland Jarosz.

Nowy Rynek – a space of many opportunities

Nowy Rynek will ultimately consist of five buildings that will combine office, service, retail and residential functions. The total usable floor area will exceed 100,000 sqm. As the name suggests, the complex will become a new urban marketplace – a place for business, residents, and tourists, encouraging meetings, recreation, and entertainment. There will be an open space here serving Poznan residents and its visitors alike, as they can either work in the new office buildings or relax in the nearby city cafes.

Team of the best architects and first WELL certificate in Poznan

Skanska office unit in Poland has invited a few of the best architectural studios in Poland to design individual buildings of the Nowy Rynek complex and the common areas of the entire investment. The urban design has been developed by JEMS Architekci studio. Maćków Pracownia Projektowa design studio from Wrocław is responsible for the design of the first two buildings (A and B). The third building (D) has been designed by medusa group. Ultra Architects is responsible for the development of the space within the complex.

Nowy Rynek is constructed to the highest standards of sustainable construction, whereas building D will be the first office building in the region to apply for WELL Core&Shell certification – one of the most demanding certification systems that, measuring the quality of office space, verifies more than 100 building features, taking into account its impact on people’s physical and mental health and well-being. Furthermore, the complex will be LEED-certified, and each stage of the project will apply for the “Building Without Barriers” certificate. This means that it will be adapted for the needs of people with disabilities, parents with children, seniors, and people who do not speak Polish.

Nowy Rynek – key facts and figures:

  • Total usable floor area (in 5 buildings): over 100,000 sqm
  • The first building (B) offers about 25,000 sqm of office space, the second one (A) – about 1,200 sqm, whereas the third one (D) – about 39,000 sqm
  • Building certification: D: WELL, LEED Gold, Building Without Barriers
  • The general contractor of the complex: Skanska S.A.
Last updated: 8/22/2017