Spark B wins the PLGBC Green Building Awards 2020 competition

Press release 10/14/2020 10:00 AM CET

The Spark B office building, realized by Skanska in the Warsaw's Wola district, has won this year's edition of the prestigious PLGBC Green Building Awards in the "Best Realized Certified Ecological Building" category. According to the jury, it is an example of an extremely successful combination of care for the environment and the needs of users, as well as taking into account the voice of the local community.


Spark B was built according to the guidelines of the WELL Core&Shell certificate and the LEED certificate at the highest platinum level. Thanks to the consultations with the general public carried out together with Fundacja na Miejscu and Project for Public Spaces, the investment also takes into account the expectations of residents – the investment's neighbors. The unique character of the project is due to its public square, an amphitheater, and open space for outdoor work, which makes it a meeting place for the local community as well.

It was already at the design stage of the office building that Skanska cooperated with Fundacja Integracja – consequently, Spark B has met the requirements of the Building without Barriers certificate right from the beginning. This means that all individuals with disabilities, seniors or anyone who does not speak Polish can move around Spark B and use its facilities without any restrictions. The Spark office building also has a room for parents and children and special family parking spaces.

Building B, as well as the entire Spark complex, was developed in the spirit of sustainable construction. Thanks to the use of special recycled materials and the implementation of internal solutions that reduce energy and water consumption, Spark accomplishes the idea of ecological building.

– We design our investments with office users in mind. We also reflect on the needs of local communities. In accordance with the idea behind WELL certification, we put people in the center of our attention. We consider this award to be the appreciation of our principles- says Adam Targowski, Sustainovation Manager at Skanska office unit. – It is already at the design stage that we plan to implement green solutions, such as perovskite or green concrete, for instance. Winning the PLGBC Green Building Awards 2020 by Spark B office building is a confirmation that such solutions make sense. It is another proof that Skanska sets standards when it comes to office space development – adds Adam Targowski.

The idea behind the competition and the PLGBC Green Building Awards is to promote modern solutions for sustainable construction. The competition is organized for companies from the construction and real estate sectors. It awards the best green building projects in Poland.

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