Building D of the Nowy Rynek office complex in Poznan with symbolically topping out

Press release 10/29/2020 10:00 AM CET

The Nowy Rynek complex which is being implemented by Skanska office unit was topped out at 55 meters above the construction site, thus building D of this Poznan project reached its target height. This is a symbolic end of the construction works. The building is scheduled to be commissioned in the second quarter of 2021.


Nowy Rynek is a multi-phase project creating a completely new quarter of Poznan. It will consist of five buildings with different functionalities – from office, through hotel, to residential, and its total usable area will be 100,000 sqm. The unique project will include a marketplace located inside the complex. Ultimately, it will not only be a place of work, but also a space conducive to relaxation and entertainment. The project will also include green islands, small architecture and vegetation, making meetings and recreation more pleasant.  

Building D, which will provide approx. 39,000 sqm of modern office space, has just reached its target height, which means that the construction works at this stage of Nowy Rynek have been completed. The traditional topper hangs 55 meters above the ground, on the 13th floor of the office building. This is the end and at the same time the beginning of the next stage of works, which are to be completed by the second quarter of 2021 when the building is scheduled to be commissioned.

–  We are pleased that in the case of Nowy Rynek, the topping out happened according to our schedule, and that the project is continuing on time – said Roland Jarosz, Project Manager at Skanska office unit.

Our project is being executed in accordance with the most demanding WELL certification guidelines, which are awarded to office spaces that take the health and well-being of employees seriously. This is of great importance not only during the pandemic, but also to ensure a better atmosphere and create optimal working conditions in the office – adds Małgorzata Wojtoń, Leasing Manager at Skanska office unit.

The first anti-smog pavement in Poznan

Skanska’s project will also include a pavement made of green concrete that helps purify the air. Measurements showed that areas with such concrete had an average of 30% lower nitrogen dioxide concentration than normal sections of pavement. The first anti-smog pavement in Poznan will be nearly 4,000 sqm in size. In just one year, it will neutralize the equivalent of pollution emitted by diesel cars that have driven over 70,000 kilometers.

Colorful banner with an additional purpose

Poznan residents and visitors to the capital of Wielkopolska can now admire an unusual banner that was hung on building D of the Nowy Rynek complex. It shows how the term "safety" is understood by the children of Skanska employees. The banner will be displayed on the building until construction is completed, and then it will be ecologically disposed of or upcycled - that is, it will be converted into utility items such as beach bags or sacks.

Nowy Rynek: key facts and figures

  • Total usable area (in 5 buildings): over 100,000 sqm.
  • First building (B) provided approx. 25,000 sqm of office space; second building (A) - approx. 11 700 sqm; third building (D) will provide approx. 39,000 sqm.
  • D building certifications: WELL, LEED Gold, Building without Barriers
  • General contractor of the complex: Skanska S.A
Last updated: 8/22/2017